Making a plan for your blog content can be very simple, depending on where you are getting your information from. Below are tips and advice i wish i received before starting my blog!


Why you should plan your blog content:

•A Plan helps you keep track of your blogging activity:

When you have your whole blogging career and activity on paper it helps you to track your progress, your shortcomings and new improvements. It reminds you to congratulate yourself when you reach a milestone and also guides you when making important decisions concerning your blog or content.

•A Plan is essential for creating a great content marketing strategy:

Creating a content marketing strategy that actually works takes a lottttt of time. From creating blog posts to writing newsletters and creating freebies you may never get down to creating one.

However, having a plan helps you to allocate special time in the jammed up world of blogging to create your own personal content marketing strategy without having to spend extra!

•A good blog plan helps you stay organized:

Being organized as a blogger will help you a lot as you make your way through the maze of being a content creator. Most importantly, for me, it prevents my head from blowing over and helps me time my blog posts as well.

Sometimes its gets really overwhelming with papers, unfinished posts and pending blog customisation that you just want to scream your heart out and tear off your hair. Having a plan is a really great reminder that i am in control of the situation and that i still have a lot of time!

• It helps you prepare for possible errors:

I am pretty sure we have all had that moment when it feels as if the whole world hates us and we are being punished severely for something you could have easily avoided. You hate feeling like that, don’t you?

If the answer is yes then you are on the right path to avoid future coalitions. Planning helps you avoid these moments because you make a plan A, B and C for every single situation. Even if you have only plan A, the feeling of being able to take on any challenge is protection enough.

Those are the powers of having a plan! They don’t only keep you sane and organized, they also make you feel like super woman and that confidence is very crucial as a content creator!

Content Planning Do’s and Don’ts:


•Create your plan with a beautiful and inviting planner in other to keep you motivated.

•Write boldly and clearly so your future self can read it.

•Use different ink colours or crayons to make your plan colourful and interesting!


•Don’t cram up to many things into your schedule or plan.

•Don’t use ink or colours that can easily fade over time (remember you will need this for 365 days).

•Don’t include things you are not sure of or anything that is beyond your capabilities.

Selecting your materials:

To plan your content, materials are very much needed. Below are the common ones you will need:

A calendar or planner, a Notebook, pens or pencils, paper, and some fun stickers!

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Now the work begins:

1.Create or Select your Content Calendar:

Before we start of with making our plan we must ensure we have the most important material: our content calendar. This is what we will use to keep track of dates, time, posts as well as deadlines or events.

Luckily thanks to the internet, you can easily order your own content calendar from Amazon or anywhere else. You can go ahead and choose any of my carefully selected calendars on Amazon:  


*Note* Linked products in this post may contain affiliate links and i will receive a tiny commission when you purchase using these links which will be used to support my blog. Don’t worry it doesn’t add any additional costs to the original price.


Apart from ordering online, you could make your own personal and relatively cheaper content calendar, either physically with paper, colourful stickers and pens or a personal calendar on your phone or device.

2. Define your objectives or goals?

Objectives or goals are the things you aim to achieve by creating your blog content plan. Using your notebook, list down all these goals. Also add how you  would like to achieve them and at what point.

List all your research, content, social media marketing and email list goals in your special notebook and set dates in other to encourage you more!

This does not only help you feel more organized, it also helps you strive harder to achieve your blogging dreams in the long run!

Get to know your target audience and plan to serve them:

3. Research like a boss:

Research to bloggers is like break fast to every day people. It is very important as it is the first and most reliable way through which bloggers can learn more about their target niche. Researching like a boss is the stepping stone to making a blog content plan that actually gives results.

A proper research work has stages like the ones listed below and must follow a corresponding order in other to get the best information, all the time! Now with your notebook and internet ready, let’s get to work.

1. Write down your target niche (niches).

2. List down all the legit sources of information into your notebook.

3. Research about the niche chosen to further understand your audience.

4. Pay attention to trends and comments passed by consumers.

5. Make sure your information is of great quality and importance and meets their standard.

6. Sneak up on other bloggers in your niche and see what they are doing to gather ideas.

7. Identify their weaknesses and strengths and form a strategy around it.

8. Use tools like Moz to find posts that they rank for and draw inspiration from that. Find out what they are missing in that post.

9. Look for them on social media platforms like pinterest and see how they make their pins or images and learn from that.

4. Make predictions:

I know we are bloggers but sometimes our duties cut across various sectors of professional work, even the most unlikely ones. Making predictions!

After an enlightening research into your audience and fellow bloggers it is safe to say you have reached prediction level. That is mainly because, Knowing your audience means being able to predict their patterns and interests.

With this super power you now have, you can avoid unprofitable posts that nobody cares about and start producing what will get you your goals! You start your predictions by:

1. Revisiting the information gathered earlier on in your research.

2. List down all the current posts from your competitors and thick the ones with a common theme.

3. Look out for its performance on social media and search for readers reactions.

4. With all the information above, you can list down all the possible trends in the upcoming months and prepare to provide!

7. Keyword research:

With the trends set and ready, look for keywords in each trend on Google and note down your competition for each word. Do extensive Seo research as well because Seo is still important.

Next, you move unto social media platforms (anyone of your choice) be it Pinterest or Facebook and look for those keywords there as well. Measure the competition and look out for pins to draw inspiration from.

Write down at least 10 strong keywords for your selected topics. Based on your keyword research, focus more on easy keywords but try to add in a few hard ones every once in a while in the next step.

6. Brainstorm topic ideas:

When you know your audience enough to make predictions, then you are ready to sit down and brainstorm topic ideas that they would love.

After your expansive keyword research, you can take the various keywords and think of topics and ideas that your readers or potential audience would love to read. Use the following methods to write the perfect blog post titles:

1. Try to use at least one keyword in each title.

2. Ensure that the main keywords are found at the beginning or centre of the title. Do not put them at the end or very close to the end.

3. Keep your titles as short as possible so as to fit into the Google Search Title Bar.

If you follow these simple rules then you are set and ready to begin planning like the boss you are!

Plan like a boss:

5.Create your schedule:

To begin creating your plan, you have to first list all the your daily activities with their timeframe. This is important because it helps you identify your free time, helps prevent over booking and overlapping activities.

You also decide when to do what and how long or how much time to invest in creating content. And most importantly, it helps you to get rest and have fun as well.

6. Arrange selected blog topics to a specific timeframe:

After creating your content topics, the next thing to do is select a specific timeframe to create, publish and promote your posts. While choosing the time, you must ask yourself if it is a seasonal pin or evergreen pin.

By knowing this, you’ll be able to decide when it goes out and which months to promote your work. I will recommend sharing seasonal posts at least a month before the celebrations actually begins.

This helps your post get more exposure when the time is due because you get more time to actually promote the post. When selecting a timeframe for a post, you must take into consideration how long it will take to write, research further and edit the post.

When you have all the information to the questions above, it helps you create an estimate for that particular posts which allows you to have more freedom because you are not pressured to produce within a short period.

Create content like a boss:

7. Select your blogging tools and materials:

Blogging tools and materials are very important if you want to follow your blog content plan accurately. Your blogging tools will determine how fast you work or how slow your outputs are.

Below are some if my trusted blogging tools and materials i use to increase my productivity:

¡. Canva: this has been my favourite go to pin creator. It is fast, simple to use and cheap as well (Canva is the ultimate must have tool in any blogging kit). It helps me create pinterest ready images fast hence making it a super time saver.

¡¡. Meistertask: When it comes to choosing the right online task management tool for your team, simplicity is key. Many tools on the market clutter up their user interfaces with features in an effort to please everybody. This renders their products almost unusable. MeisterTask, by contrast, focuses on providing a tailored offering of the most essential features.

¡¡¡. Tailwind: This pinterest and Instagram planner helps me plan my whole social media post in one sitting. It also provides guides on how to make it on pinterest with its SmartGuide.

iv. Notebooks: Notebooks are easy to come across and easy to store and use as well. It helps me to keep track of blog post ideas and research easily.

V. Aweber: AWeber the Powerfully-simple email marketing software. Build your email lists, send beautiful emails, and connect with your audience. Prebuilt Template Library, Smart Designer & Campaign Automations. The best thing is that you can start using Aweber for free with no any credit card required!

Vi. Social Pilot: This tool helps you make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and finetune your social media strategy. Download and Share beautiful and presentable social media reports in PDF format with Social Pilot today.

8. Create your individual content outline:

Before writing every blog post, i recommend penning down its outline on a piece of paper. This will help you work faster and plan your content better. It will also increase productivity and make you feel more organized.

You can make one by simply listing the title, the number of chapters and the sequence those chapters must follow.

How to make sure your blog plan work:

If you are in any way just like me then you know it would be very easy for you to forget about your planner and move with the flow. For that reason here is a backup for when you feel too lazy to follow your own instructions!

•Monthly: Using your notebook, list down your achievements failures and the ups and downs of having a content planner. This is important so you can make adjustments to your plan in order to feel comfortable while working!

Daily: Checkout your blog planner every morning when you wake up and ever night when you are going to bed. This will prevent you from slacking off and forgetting about your blog entirely.



Hope you enjoyed this list. I would love to read your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. Have a great day and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest! 

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