Title: The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery

Author: Su Young Lee.

Genre: YA / NA / Adult Clean Romance.

Publication Date: 20th August 2020.

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count – 323.

The old mattress squeaked, but even the squeaks made her feel somehow nostalgic.


As the title implies, the book was based in Japan, Tokyo.


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Fluttering cherry blossoms, gorgeous kimonos and sweet and sorrowful love.For cake-loving college girl Hana, Japan was the romantic destination of her dreams. With boyfriend Jin, she planned an exciting new life in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. But when she finally arrives after months of planning, Jin isn’t there.

Hana is left broken-hearted on a rainy Tokyo street. Jin left no note. One day he just walked out ofclasses and disappeared. Hana begins her new life alone. Watching cherry blossoms fall into the Tokyo river. Working hard and delivering her lovely home-baked cakes by orange bicycle.

Then she meets handsome young farmer Hikaru, and glimpses a new way forward-in an alien place where she doesn’t know a soul. The Tokyo Bicycle Bakery is a sweet romance with a hint of magic realism. It’s a perfect book to carry with you and read on holiday or weekends.

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This book was sweet, romantic and just what i needed in these though times. The writing was simple to read and follow and i felt as if i was riding at the back of her bicycle with every paddle.


I didn’t find a lot to dislike about the story. There is no such thing as a perfect story but this might just be!


I will give this book a [9/10] rating because of everything i have said above.


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