Title: Christmas at cornish confetti agency.

Author: Daisy James.

Genre: Christmas Romantic Comedy.

Publication Date: 27th August 2020.

Standalone Third book in a series

Estimated Page Count – 255.

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‘Oh my God! Oh my God! Quick! The barn’s on fire!’


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It’s Christmas at The Cornish Confetti Agency! When Lexie Harrington is asked to choreograph Phoebe and Sam’s Christmas-themed wedding, she can’t wait to create the perfect winter wonderland – elegantly dressed fir trees, glossy garlands of holly and mistletoe, baskets of yule logs and pine cones, and the mouth-watering fragrance of gingerbread, cinnamon sticks and warm mulled wine floating through the air.

Today’s choice had been fashioned from a moss-green tweed fabric, but it was the adornments that were causing Lexie’s jaw to gape.

With handsome wedding columnist-cum-fledgling scriptwriter Theo Barker at her side, she’s confident that she can create the perfect festive ambience the bride and groom have been dreaming of since their engagement in the Swiss Alps; no rampant hose pipes, no mechanical mice, no confetti-filled hairdryers. But this is The Cornish Confetti Agency, and the words ‘plain-sailing’ and ‘hassle-free’ do not feature in the promotional brochure.

So, when a much-loved portrait of the groom’s father is adorned with pirate eye-patches and black plastic moustaches, and his expensive cologne is switched for toilet cleaner, Lexie and Theo must once again don their metaphorical deer stalkers and unravel the mystery before the wedding dissolves into Christmas-themed chaos and calamity.


The story was in every way brilliant. I loved the suspense and the mystery and i also love weddings so this was the best combination in my opinion.

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I know this might inly apply to me but i somehow kept in confusing the characters. The book was written beautifully but maybe more elaboration on the other characters would have been helpful.

the first two weddings she’d handled for The Cornish Confetti Agency might have been characterised by chaos and catastrophe


I will gladly rate Christmas at cornish confetti [7/10] because of all that is said above.


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