Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons by Laura Briggs.

Genre: Romance / chick lit

Blog Tour Dates: 4th November 2020

Publication Date: 28th October 2020

Standalone First book in a new series

Estimated Page count: 380.

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About the book:

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Event planner Julianne Rose is on the verge of making her dreams of ‘rescuing’ weddings in need of help a reality. She and business partner Kitty have finally finished transforming the dilapidated barn into a chic event space, and they even have a new client eager to use it—a quirky, charming space organization guru named Deirdre who seems capable of organizing everything but her own special day.

As if that wasn’t enough, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity soon presents itself through the who’s who of their sleepy little Cornish village: the chance to step into the event planning void for a posh bride in desperate need of an emergency salvage for her wedding plans. A wedding that could establish Julianne and Kitty as two of Cornwall’s best event planners if all goes well.

My Favorite Things About Writing Wedding Romance Reads| Get to know the author!

Thank you so much for this chance to share with your readers about my feel-good romance books! My latest one is called Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons and finds event planner Julianne attempting to organize a ceremony for a quirky client with a reputation as a ‘runaway bride’. It’s the first book in a reboot of my long running series known as a ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’, where Julianne first moved to the cosy village of Ceffylgwyn and met a handsome gardener while working at the local manor house. With so many wedding-related stories logged in my writing history now, I thought it might be fun to do a guest post on why it’s one of my absolute favorite romantic themes to write about—so here goes!!

The research process is fun:

Because it involves binge watching wedding-themed reality shows like Amazing Wedding Cakes and Rich Bride, Poor Bride to keep up with the latest trends in the event planning field. After all, where else would you learn about unique ideas like strolling tables (i.e. a costumed server whose skirt is actually a table for carrying desserts, drinks, and appetizers)? It’s amazing what kind of elaborate details real life artists and planners can actually put together for a couple’s big day. From cakes that look like miniature castles, to Medieval-style receptions, or even fairytale carriages waiting to whisk them away, it’s pretty fascinating to see how everything ties into the same theme for a special event, from the color scheme to the choice of the appetizers and even the wedding favors.

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It’s the perfect backdrop for romantic plotlines:

This is another reason that weddings are a common theme in my stories. It’s hard to beat that sense of excitement, anticipation and (obviously) romance that surrounds it as an event. It’s the kind of upbeat, happy-ever-after atmosphere that readers of the genre seem to crave—along with all the drama of a wedding gone wrong, of course! Whether it’s the bride, her friend, or her planner taking the role of the story’s heroine, there’s always plenty at stake for characters involving the big day. And escapist ceremony locations are always a bonus—such as the royal wedding Julianne organized at a castle in book six of ‘A Wedding in Cornwall’, or my heartwarming novel If You’re Not the One, where a trio of planners known as ‘the Wedding Belles’ bring their Southern charm to a ceremony at a gorgeous island resort.

There’s plenty of room for humor:

Last but not least, I adore the humor that comes with a good wedding-themed story. With all the drama, pressure, and potential chaos involved in creating the perfect ceremony, it’s natural to have a bit of humor in the mix. From a harried wedding planner to feuding family members, a wry but supportive bridesmaid, or even the dreaded bridezilla, there are tons of classic tropes that readers gravitate towards again and again. Just ask fans of blockbuster hits like The Wedding Planner, Runaway Bride, or My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s a semi-magical world of love, laughter, friendship, mishaps, and just the right amount of ‘will-they-won’t-they’ suspense when it comes to the actual ceremony taking place. And, of course, there’s always the question of whether it should take place—or if the characters are on the verge of making a terrible mistake, as so often seems to happen in the fictional world of bridal dilemmas!

So for those of you reading this, if these sound like the ingredients for just you’re type of romance story, I do hope you’ll be sure to check out my new book Wedding Vows and Cornish Ribbons. And don’t forget to have a peek at my other titles featuring Julianne’s event planning adventures in gorgeous Cornwall, with her dishy husband Matthew, business partner Kitty, and many friends from the village always on hand to help.

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