Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so make your own blue skies.

Title: Blue skies.

Author: Alana Oxford.

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Tour Dates: 2nd – 6th November 2020

Publication Date: September 2020

Standalone Book Novel.

Estimated Page Count – 100.

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Spending most of the day in the refrigerator she called a workplace could really mess with her sense of actual temperature.


After a very rough day at work, Patrice just wants to take a nice walk in the baking sun with her two dogs, Mr. Muffins and Dolly. But that is far from what she receives!

In an attempt to save her runaway dog, Patrice and seth have the potential to become more than just friends but with a very unwelcomed secret being revealed, the spark she thought she saw might as well just fizzle away.

In fact, she could probably bake some in a pan on the sidewalk.


I really enjoyed this short read. It was interesting and kept me wanting more. I loved the way Seth and Alana’s relationship was allowed to build without a rush.


I didn’t really find anything striking in the book. Yeah it was sweet, ended happily and that was it. To be honest, its not a book that may remember quite easily in the near future.

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I will gladly give this book a [7/10] rating for all the issues listed above.


“I feel like the prince who found the glass slipper, except canvas is so much more practical.

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