Title: About last night.

Author: A. S Kelly.

Genre: Romantic Comedy.

Tour Dates: 25th – 31st October 2020

Publication Date: 20th October 2020

Standalone Book Novel.

Estimated Page Count – 580.

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We’re those classic firemen that get called out to retrieve cats from trees – and no, that’s not just an urban legend: it really does happen – or to bust open the front door for some idiot who’s locked himself out of his house. That actually happens more often than you’d expect.


A small town by the name of Donegal in Ireland.


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Holly White wants a new adventure in her life so she does the craziest thing for someone living in Canada, she travels all the way to Europe in a small town by the Donegal where everyone knows one another.

And Tyler, the handsome dude with the charming smile, can attest that claim. He has a very strong reputation which he would love to go away, but things just couldn’t seem to settle down.

After returning home from a dinner with his brother, he dreadfully comes to meet his new neighbour’s trash in his parking space. He most definitely doesn’t want a neighbor for obvious reasons, but what can he do?

Well he decides to break into the little apartment next to his under the pretense of smelling smoke. Holly who turns out to be his new neighbour is having non of it and calls the police.

“Let’s go, Hayes,” Finn says, stepping closer to me. “You’ve earned yourself a ride in the Batmobile.” He pulls out a pair of handcuffs and waves them in my face.

After spending some hours in the cell, and being suspended from work because of his behaviour, he vows to make sure his new neighbour doesn’t remain there for long. But knowing fate, everything may as well be the opposite of his desired outcome.


I loved tge chemistry of Ms. White and Tyler. I loved how they learnt to work out their differences and let their love bloom.

“Yes, okay, but they’re your daughters first. They’re my nieces by default.”


I very much hated Tyler’s perverted behaviour within the first chapter.

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I will give this book [6/10] rating for all the reasons said above.

Ms. See-Through Towel is going to seriously regret ever thinking she could win against me.


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