Pinterest. Pin-your-interest:

As the name implies, is a wonderful site for both content creators and viewers. Why? Sinple:

•It is quite easy to use and navigate. Quite, because my sister had to explain to me what pins and boards were, Yicks!

•Viewers get to follow and support blogs and brands they adore.

•Brands and other content creators have the opportunity of creating a following and getting access to dedicated viewers.

•Blogger and vloggers are able to maintain and build a steady source of traffic.

•Inspiration and Information is available for just about anyone!

• There are pins about any thing you could possibly think of! Be it: humans who look like spongebob or pics of dogs in Mermaid tails!!! (Am i the only one?)


With all these amazing resources available for absolutely free, it can sometimes get overwhelming. From creating posts, to pins, boards, building a following and mastering the right pinning practice, we sometimes forget the basic and very important facts about Pinterest and Pinterest marketing!

For this really obvious reason, I created this post to inform you about it! Hooray! Now let’s get into it.

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● Pinterest is a Search engine!

So SEO matters. To the people in the back who are trying to hide from all and any types of SEO, Repent Now! Don’t worry, i also loathed SEO and for the longest time, i just ignored it. But as time progressed, i learnt to love it a lot (okay not that much).


Though people, like me, just make their picks through the feed section of the site, the average Pinner, however, types in eight Pinterest searches every month. It all adds up to more than two billion searches, and more than 200 billion Pins saved to more than four billion boards across the platform.

This also proves that loads of people utilize seo as part of their marketing strategy, thereby also proving that the possibility of ranking for searches is close to nothing without a proper SEO Strategy. Now that we have established the importance of SEO as a blogger and a pinner let’s get into some of the ways SEO can be used by pinterest users who hope to derive benefits from the site.

Just like you would with your blog, every word must be placed purposely for SEO. Note: This does not mean you should put together an incomprehensible sentence with only keywords. That is just tacky and wack and i can assure you no one would click on that pin.

With that out of the way, some key places to practice your seo skills should be your ‘About You Section’, your pin and board description and even your Business name! And don’t worry, it is very easy to discover keywords through the search options that come up while typing and this free multipurpose tool i use from time to time: Pinterest Keyword Tool by Clip Rise.

If the above options don’t work for you, try using the ad creation page on your pinterest dashboard. Any one of these tools or tricks together with a well planned seo strategy will shoot your pin to the first result on the search page.

●Visuals speak!

And their language is traffic! (Okay that was lame!).

Pinterest as we all know it all about visuals. You can’t type a whole essay and expect people to engage with your pin, that is just bullocks. What sets pinterest apart from any other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter is the fact that visuals and images dominate. Since images are more appealing to the eyes and attract more attention on almost all social media platforms, it is best to say that your pin with over hundred words and sentences won’t succeed in driving traffic to your site.

You can pin me too (I don’t mind)!!

With new improvements and tools coming onto pinterest year by year, it would be in your best interest to up your pin creation game. With the recent popularity of video pins and story pins the safest way to ensure that your pins survive and reach targeted viewers is to create aesthetically interesting pins.

But just as with people, we have great speakers who are really articulate, we have those who can’t get formulated  thoughts or messages into meaningful sentences and sadly, we have those who cannot speak at all!

I will hundred percent recommend Canva to new pinners or people who want to invest more into their pinterest game. Canva is really helpful and provides over 5000 ready to customize images for your pins and easy to use tools for creating the perfect pin!

●Pinterest is for everybody!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Pinterest is not only for business guru’s, service providers or merchants. Unfortunately, i have been a believer of this woefully incorrect belief for a very long time. This lead me to delay my pinterest account creation after i started blogging.

To be honest i had absolutely no interest in the site but my sister and mother constantly bragged about it for the longest time.

My father and brothers joined after a lot of persuasion and finally, with four people on my case day and night, i created my pinterest account.

Starting out on pinterest as a content creator can be very hard and discouraging but as time goes on and you start to understand the basics of pinning, the site gradually creeps into your heart and soon enough, you start to realise you can’t let it go.

● All niches can thrive on pinterest!

I always thought that some blogging niches could never ever succeed on pinterest until i saw some really high performing pins in those niched. Yes, like every other social media platform, there are some hashtags, trends or topics that do better than others.

But also, just like other social media platforms, there are different types of people with different interests and needs on the platform. Hence, don’t be discouraged if you just sell old, worn out land mowers, and all people seem interested in are accessories, clothing or cosmetics.

Someone will one day go onto the site to search for a cheap land mower to buy and with the right seo strategy, your pin will show up. So just stick to a regular and constant pinning schedule and you will find the right audience within no time!

● Pinterest users are humans!

So treat them as such!


A very common mistake content creators make on pinterest is forgetting how to treat their viewers like the humans they are. I know that when you start out on pinterest, you get lost in trying to figure out the right direction to move that you forget the most basic and important fact.

Pinterest users are humans and as humans we are naturally attracted to beautiful, helpful, funny or interesting things. Also, humans thrive on communication so when you get the chance to communicate with a potential customer, don’t let it go without a fight.

Humans want fun and helpful, so if you communicate well and even help them to smile, they will buy anything you recommend (speaking from experience). Secondly, humans are ruled by their emotions. Want to survive on pinterest, make compelling pins that tell a moving story or share a journey. You can also move site visitors with your about page, turn random people into devout followers.

The more people relate to you and your content both on pinterest and the site you are leading them to, the more successful your pins, products or content becomes.

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● Pinterest success is slow as F$$$k!

Pinterest success takes time and if you don’t already know this, you may just give up. When i started, i was almost invisible and so i just focused less on it and more on other social media platforms. After being suspended twice i almost deleted my account.

Well now i am glad to say i didn’t. After my account was unsuspended i started seeing for myself how helpful pinterest could really be and i couldn’t stop using it. After a few problems with my previous account, i started the new account which is doing marvellous, thanks for asking.

When a pin is posted it takes time to go around and appear in people’s feed, this is the period i call the Waiting Time Frame. You can decrease this waiting time frame by using the right keywords in your title and pin description which allows your pin to appear in searches and the related section.

Want to get the best out of pinterest during this wait? Download this free guide i made just for you!


● The tools you use matter!

Pinterest marketing is a very delicate process, that means, the tools you use matter! A lot! From the beginning, i made it a point to choose the right tools and they helped as much as they promised to.


For starts, Tailwind, which i know you have probably heard of. I was doubtful at first and didn’t want to dive head first into anything that would waste my time and energy. Luckily the free no credit card needed one month trail was the straw that didn’t break my back.

Get it? I believe you do!

Some people do complain that the prices are a bit high so i went right ahead and looked for another highly recommended automaton that may fall within your tiny blogging budget!

Ninja pinner is perfect for beginners who are much too lazy to pin, follow and unfollow people and boards you no longer support. Best thing is, it doesn’t break the bank!!

For all my fellas who want the easiest and cheapest piece of the pie, i present (drum roll please 🥁🥁🥁) the one and only Media Mister (screams 🥳😲😲).

Now that was a brilliant intro, wasn’t it? Anyway, media mister has an affordable range of social media enhancements services. And when i say social media, i mean all the social sites you could think of (that is a bit exaggerated though).

● Pinterest is a social media!

Pinterest is a social platform so the more you associate and get to know other members of your community, the more benefits you derive.


It is the nature of all social beings to show gratitude and the highest form of social gratitude is shown all the time on our various social media platforms.

You don’t get me? Let me make it simple for you!

You like someones work on Instagram or Facebook and they like your posts back. Doesn’t that ring a bell? Ofcourse it does because it happens all the time!

By using this in born nature of humans to your advantage, you can get more repins thereby increasing your on site traffic! Be warned though, this doesn’t always work and doing too much of it can get you suspended on pinterest.

I know i have warned you!!

● Not every pin is designed for success!

For the longest time, my pinterest success was plummeting day after day and got sick of it. This was simply due to the facts that my pin choices and seo were not as strong. I sucked at making pins and there was always something wrong with it. It was either to tacky and colourful or too dull and simply unattractive.


I couldn’t get people to be interested in my work and i decided to take the time to fix my pins. My plan was very simple, for every post, i will create at least three pins with different colours and text layouts. Secondly, i vowed to invest some time in my pin creation process, every single day i made sure i created a pin with my trusted tool, Canva.

Not only did i see improvements in my pins asthetics, i began getting more blog post ideas and more traffic. I invested in Canva as well as pinterest marketing and the outcomes have been very rewarding!

I do believe that not every pin would be built for success because every person has a different idea of what beauty is but also as a whole most of us can agree to a common standard of beauty. With this in mind, a non performing pin can be recreated, with canva of course, to satisfy both the masses and the average individual.

No matter what our individual preferences may be, there is always a line at which we can all see eye to eye so your mission is to find that line (by creating various pins and asking for approval from friends) and build on enlarging it.

If you don’t have many friends, like me, you can always look around pinterest, see what people are repinning or recommending and use those pins as a case study to build your following and link clicks.

● Don’t be stingy!

As of now, Pinterest boosts of 400 million users so it is safe to say there is room for every content and post. Don’t let your stinginess kill your pin’s success before you even get fully invested into the game!

Pin, watch like and recommend other people’s work and you will have immeasurable success on the platform. That’s just how pinterest social life is!




Well that’s a wrap! Whew, over to you now. Why don’t you share with me and other viewers one pinterest advice that has helped you? Here is your megaphone, don’t be shy to shout it out!

I may still not hear you so why don’t you type it into the comment section?! Thanks, byee!


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