Title: The Flame Within.

Author: Liz Harris.

Genre: Historical romantic fiction.

Tour Dates: 25th – 31st October 2020.

Publication Date: 1st October 2020.

Standalone Book 2 of The Linford Series.

Estimated Word Count: 90k words.

in the magazine, she’d come to understand that it was essential to move in what was called the right social circles.

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This historical fiction was set in the England before, during and after the world war 1.

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With her looks, she ought to be able to work somewhere other than in a mill or a factory, her mam used to say. With a face like hers, she could make something of herself.


Who would want to spend the rest of their lives living in tiny houses and working at the least interesting places? Clearly not Alice Foster. she loves the tiny town she lived in but she does not love it enough to stay for the rest of her life, she already has her plans made, finish school, move to a bigger city, find a job, marry and live a comfortable life. Well, that seems resonable enough, doesn’t it?

When she is sure to escape the miserable faith of everyone around her, live throws a heap of death in her way. Her father loses his arm while working and that spells disaster. She has to quit school at just twelve years and start working in the same place she dreamt of escaping!

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fortunately for her, life decides to help her out a bit and soon enough she is amongst qualified nurses in high demand during the first world war. she takes up the challenge and moves to London, the city of her dreams. soon enough, nearing the end of the war, she sets eyes on her true love (or so she might think).

Thomas Linford—the man she loved, and through her own stupidity, had lost. The man she’d come back down to London to fight for.

After their first few weeks of marriage, everything seems to go south in their marriage. With Thomas, her husband, finding it difficult to accept his disabilities, he constant moodiness pushes her away into the arms of his own brother. With everything in place for a disastrous end, can Alice help her husband accept himself and fight for the flame within?


I loved the flame within a lot! I loved the characters (to some extent) as well as the plot. It took me on a very exciting and exhilarating journey which I will gladly embark on again. It was simple to read and follow and I learnt so many things from the book as well.


No matter how much you love something, you are bound to find some issues with it. While their love was still brewing, I couldn’t get enough of Thomas Linford, I loved his personality but as the story progressed his bitterness really got to me so did Alice’s. I wouldn’t blame them both but I still believe they must still be accountable for their actions.

Another person who must be made to bear the fruits of his actions is dearest Charles Linford. I went ballistic when I realised Charles -cheating scoundrel- Linford was free to enjoy his life as if nothing had happened and Alice was punished for it ( which also proves that the plight of women has always been greater than men).

Was it possible that she was actually falling in love with John?


Based on everything that I have said above, I think it is save to give this book a [8/10] rating.



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