Title:The Ticklemore Christmas Toy Shop

Author: Liz Davies

Publication Date: 18th October 2020

Standalone First Book in a Series

Estimated Page Count – 230

Love Christmas Stories? Then Read This: You Make It Feel Like Christmas.


This cozy Christmas story was based in Ticklemore, a small town in the outskirts of London. England.

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So why on earth did everyone think he was incapable of looking after himself, when he was so clearly demonstrating that he could?


Hattie, an old and energetic Eighty year old feels something is wrong in her bones but she is unsure of what it is. When she gets to work in the small coffee plus Book shop owned by her friend, she soon comes across the problem, but it might be a lot more complicated that she ever imagined.

Alfred also, though woefully, known as Alfie is mad at life, her daughter and those people who made him go and live with his daughter. It isn’t that he is ungrateful, it is just that he is tired of his retired headmistress daughter interfering in his almost ended life. Like a pathetic teenager he goes about upset her and all hell breaks loose when he has to sell his house and belongings.

Simple right? Well not really, especially when that home is where you spent all of your married life. He knows he has a very little time on earth but he wishes he could spend it in his house all alone with the memories of his ex wife but that dream is too big to ask for so he settles for another alternative.

Move all the things he loves into Hattie’s garage but there is still  a problem, He Wants To Keep Everything! when push comes to shove, he has to make a decision between the things that reminded him of his wife and married life or his whole workshop of Christmas shove his wife knew nothing about. He has to make it FAST!

Hattie made a mental note to gently put the idea into her employer’s head; after all, she wasn’t getting any younger. Hattie was referring to herself, of course, not Maddison. She’d be eighty in a few months, her life nearly done, and it would be nice to see Maddison with a family before she breathed her last.


I enjoyed this little book about Hattie and Alfred’s old life drama but I must admit that Hattie’s know-it-all-character was a bit annoying and most of the time, I ended up agreeing with Alfred’s behaviour towards her in the first chapters.

Also Alfred and his daughter were a bit annoying as well in the beginning, especially with Alfred acting so childish and with his daughter being so bossy and rude.

It was petty, he knew, but a little devil inside him drove him to do it. He wasn’t being deliberately awkward, just trying to push back a little, to feel a bit less of the burden she undoubtedly saw him as.


I generally liked the story. Mainly because you rarely saw stories that depicted old age in a fun and enjoyable way. Infact, you rarely see stories about old people. It was enjoyable, fun and enlightening as well and shows life just that way it is, no extra sweetness or Bitterness!

It was as though they assumed old age automatically meant a loss of one’s marbles, rather than the gaining of more as a result of experience. Wisdom often came with age, if only people recognised it.


I will gladly rate this book [6/10] based on everything that I have said above!



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