Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Title: You Make It Feel Like Christmas.

Author: Louise Marley

Genre: Christmas Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: 1st October 2020

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count – 400.

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You Make It Feel Like Christmas was set in modern day England.

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“Failure can be a good thing. One can learn more from failure than success.”


Beth an established book editor and book addict wants to have the perfect Christmas but unfortunately she can’t. Her mother and sister are too occupied with shooting a perfect Christmas holiday they forget to how to actually get one. Her father on the other hand has locked himself up in their library and refuses to take part in the family show. After a young Beth cursed on television in her vow to never, ever get back on that show, her sister Lucy is finding difficulty in increasing the shows ratings.

“You were working. You’re always working.” Her sister really hadn’t got a clue but Lucy kept her voice light. “A drawback to being self-employed.”

She has an idea to help pull up the ratings and possibly save her job but her family is unwilling to cooperate. After a futile attempt to get the Christmas preparation she wants and a horrible breakup with her boyfriend, Beth retreats to a very old abbey where she’ll get the shock of her life.

Nicholas is soon going to be homeless, okay not entirely homeless, but he will soon be losing the home he loved a lot. After Aidan, his rich brother, announces that he is going to sell his beloved house, he tries to figure out ways to save his home. He comes up with a plan to reunite his brother and his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Holly, in the same abbey so his brother will develop more love for the place they grew up.

“He must have led a very stressful life.” Taking over a failing construction business and sole responsibility for a rebellious seventeen-year-old? Wasn’t that the truth?

when he finds a Facebook post from Beth asking for a beautiful getaway, he pieces up his plan in hopes that he saves his home but in the process he must make sure he doesn’t develop feelings for his brother’s girlfriend.

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There were a few grammatical errors in the book but thankfully it didn’t make it impossible to read. Secondly, Beth’s character in book irked me just a little bit in the beginning.

In the middle was the cause: two men arguing over the construction of an eight foot Christmas tree made entirely of ostrich feathers. Ostrich feathers? Really?


I really enjoyed the book I must say. It was interesting and it kept me asking more with every page I turned. I also really loved the cover of the book, very colourful and vibrant. I motivated me to accept to read this book.


Based on everything that I have said above, I think it is save to give this book a [7/10] rating.


Aidan. Her very own Ghost of Christmas Past. Was she still in love with him? She didn’t know—but what she did know was that she wasn’t in love with Harry, because when the man you love asks you to marry him, the first thing you do is not check you still have your teeth.

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