I am very thrilled to present to you Winter Wishes At Swallowtail Bay by Katie Granger. This post is going to apart of the tour of her book which would be going on from 8th – 14th October.

Title: Winter Wishes At Swallowtail Bay.

Genre: Chicklit, Romance, Women’s Fiction

Tour Dates: 8th – 14th October 2020

Publication Date:  7th October 2020

Publisher: HQ Digital.

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This story was set in the imaginary and tiny town of Swallowtail Bay based in England.

Nell shuffled out of the room to give Cat some privacy but couldn’t help hearing Brenda whispering, ‘I told you to wear matching underwear, Catherine. Surely you have some?’


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Nell, the dreamy hotelier of the Holly Lodge in the small town of Swallowtail Bay is driving deep into financial distress. After the establishment of the grand and exquisite  Langdon Mansion Hotel, business has been really slow and the fear of losing the hotel her parents entrusted in her hands forces her to try her luck on different sources of revenue.

Her mum had told her you made things happen by visualising them in your head first.

Cat might have said that life wasn’t like a romantic movie and Nell knew that deep down, but there was no harm in believing. Maybe one day her daydreams would come true.

With her bestfriend, Cat’s wedding a few weeks away, she plans on using it as a way to launch herself into the Wedding Hosting Business. With a few more weeks to go and very little visitors, she also prepares for a wedding fair to help push her new idea to the right people.

In an attempt to find out what her biggest competitor is up to, she makes enemies with the manger who is bent on ruining the reputation of the lodge. During a very unfruitful dinner at her competitor’s 5-Star restaurant, she finds a very unpleasant surprise in her Carrot Soup. She brings it to the waitress’s attention and she quickly informs the boss. After finding out who she was, he kicks her out and blames her for putting the spider in her own soup. The beat down was recorded and posted on one of the most popular hotel rating platforms.

The manager of the Langdon Mansion Hotel try futilely to bring down their opponent by posting negative comments about the lodge. They also try to bring down her wedding business while Nell tries winning over the hearts of the locals.

Nell knew that when she found the one it would be a moment she’d never forget. Love at first sight. Or at least a stirring in her heart like a thousand violins all playing to a crescendo ; a choir of angels singing in her soul.

In the midst of all this drama, Nell plans on winning over the heart of one of her guests but what she doesn’t realise quickly was that the one true love she had been waiting for was already in her life.

Number Of Pages:

This book has 380 pages and takes roughly two to three days to read (unfortunately, I took longer. I will explain below)


I won’t say I didn’t like this book because I kinda did. Unfortunately, this book didn’t quite stand out for me much because I found the main plot to be very common and usual, you know, the normal Hollywood Romance Movies! For that reason, i found some difficulty reading it quickly like i usually did. From the start you could easily tell the end of the story and I feel the main purpose of reading is to find out what will happen next.

Because of how easy it was to predict, I didn’t really motivate me to keep reading and get to the end which was really devastating. Also, I did find quiet a lot of grammatical errors but not so bad that you could not comprehend the text.

‘Anyone would think you want a suit.’‘Now there’s an idea,’ said Nell, and she and Cat shared a mischievous flash of eyes. ‘You could have a theme wedding! Vicars and tarts—’‘Harry Potter?’ Cat suggested. ‘You know how much I love Harry Potter.’‘Gangsters and moles?’‘Yes!’ Cat replied enthusiastically. ‘Girls!’ Brenda screeched, then tried to cover it with an indulgent glance.


I instantly jumped at the opportunity to read this book because of one thing, the stunning cover! We can all agree this book has one of the best covers around. Vibrant, inviting, not age restricting (just like the story) and generally stare-worthy! 

‘— a male florist? Is he really going to be any good? Generally, men know nothing about flowers or how to arrange them. The last time I asked your dad to put some flowers in a vase it was a disaster. He didn’t even—’


I enjoyed the book to some extent. As I mentioned earlier it was not fully indulging but I did enjoy looking at the cover.

For all the reasons stated above, I will rate book a solid [6] stars!!!!




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