Title: Tipping Point.

Publishing Date: 22nd September 2020

Publisher: Darkstroke Books

Author: Michelle Cook

Genre: Dystopian Eco-thriller

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Tipping Point was based in Worcestershire, England. All other settings are also in England.

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On politiworld Forum, this evening’s top thread is on fire. They’re blaming immigrants for the bombings Again.

Tipping Point.


On the twenty-fouth of April, 2033 Estella Glass has her family killed in a terrorist bombing on their way to a wedding in Manchester. Fast forward to 2035, she celebrates their two years anniversary with a brief visit to ther grave site and spends the rest of the evening contributing to the Politiworld Forum.

During her short launch break at work, her bestfriend Maya, iorms her of a new ‘gang’ that her boyfriend was a member of. Although she knew the consequences of being a member, the pain of losing her family and the incessant bickering of her best friend drove her to accept the illegal invitation.

After a very short initiation program on the first day, the agree to meet in the church pretending to be holding a Mental Welbeing Meeting. On their second meeting, each member is assigned to hang a banner at a specific location. Lawrence, Maya’s boyfriend develops a software that hacks into the drone systems of the city. With all these in place, their mission was supposed to be an easy one, but it was not. As they hang their banner in front of the church that rainy day, their mission is cut short when two police men arrive on the scene.

Luckily they were able to escape to carry out more illegal and troublesome missions, like causing a riot on a national celebration day. Their last and coerced mission as a team was not that much of a success leading to the death of Maya and the elopement of Gabe, the gangs leader.

After Maya’s funeral, a bereaved Essie goes back to the site of their last mission for revenge but she is captured and tortured instead.

“Essie,” I say. “Short for Estella.”

Tipping point

Number of Pages:

280 pages

Reading Time:

29 hours.


I don’t hate the book but I also didn’t enjoy it as much. As I flipped through each page, it generally didn’t encourage me to read more or come back for more. It took way longer than I expected to read the book because of this.


Although I didn’t really enjoy the book, I did like some aspects of the book. I liked Maya’s character really much and I felt connected to her more than the main character. When she died it was a really big blow for me.


If you have read most of my reviews, you’d know I always rate books out of ten but for this particular book, I will rate it out of 5 for reasons best known to me!

I will rate this book a 3 out of 5. I don’t know why I didn’t enjoy it as much but overall, it was a very great book and really simple to read and understand!


As I watch him scramble to his feet, the bubbles hit my brain and I giggle. “Someone’s had a head start.”

Tipping Point.

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