Being a published writer is very difficult. From getting a great plot, finishing your book to getting an agency to publish your book and promote it, it can be very tedious and demanding.  

When I go on some of my social media platforms, I see people trying really hard to make people notice their books. With all this pressure and dreams floating around you may be forced into giving up when you do not see any improvement. Why would you want to waste all that time into just one book when you could be watching television or sleeping?

The reason you do not see any result is because you are not doing it the right way. We dedicated our time to research and came up with proven ways you can promote your book to get real and fast results. When you follow this approach, you would soon notice your books flying off the shelves. You will reap amazing benefits, provided you test this method and not give up.

STEP #1:


Readers are always on the look for good and interesting stories that are available for them to read. Nobody is ever going to recommend a horribly written uninteresting book. To prevent this, share your book with your close friends and family and seek their approval or advice. Take every criticism and opinion into consideration and make changes you deem necessary. You wouldn’t want to waste your time promoting a badly written book.

Remember, your first book is like your resume, it determines if a reader would ever read another book of yours or recommend your work to anyone else and if you receive bad reviews from readers, it is as bad as getting convicted for a crime. You will receive a bad name in the world of writing and books, you don’t want that.

STEP #2:


Your writing style is what makes your story unique. It also distinguishes a writer from others. With millions of writers all around the globe, having a different and unique writing style will guarantee that your book stands out and is noticed by the billions of readers around.

Refrain from writing like a famous or well-known writer you may adore. This would place you under their shadow and your writings would most probably never get noticed. It is okay to learn from them but make sure you do not end up copying their style.

STEP #3:


I know a lot of you already know this; you might have been doing that already when you saw this post. What I have noticed from most writers is that they sometimes do it too much or too little. There must be a fine line between promoting your work and taunting people with it.

It is considered a spam if you are posting about it each and every single day in a consecutive manner. Leave some time space or difference between your promotional posts. Let them know you are a human and not just a bot programmed to post the same thing over and over again. Doing this would piss people off from checking out your work.

Without a considerable amount of followers or email subscribers, you cannot self publish and sell successfully. when you build your email subscribers and follow list, then you can self publish and sell without much hustle and possibly make your livelihood on self publishing

Don’t worry about wasting too much money. Money makes money, you can have your book promoted in Telegram channels with large followings. Most sites aren’t expensive but first check the prices of the various groups before settling on one.

Every once in a while try some random, interesting or funny posts. This would draw people’s attention to your site’s social profile. You may obtain some dedicated followers who would love to check out you work when you do post about it.

STEP #4:


What this simply means is that, find some funny or intriguing dialogue or topic from your book and use it in making an internet meme. Meme’s are a great way to get people interested in your work.

Making it funny or relatable is the surest way for it to go viral. Memes travel over the internet faster than you can type ‘wishy woshy’. The can quickly explode and increase the interest of in your story. It a sure but also a risky way to generate interest as one false move could end you.

STEP #5:


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Even with the recent development of technology and the surge in online book retailing, bookstores and libraries have still not lost their marketing importance. I would suggest that you publish your book in both print and electrical forms. Just a books should be printed to see which market best works for you.

Libraries are the best places to have copies of you book appear. When you convince a library to put your book on their shelves, you no longer have to try to build you readers trust. Your readers would trust you even before the read it, this is because, everyone knows and believes that the best place to find good books to read is the library.

Although the result in cash maybe little, the interest of readers towards your book would be huge. When you get book shop owners to display and sell your work, your book would be accessible and available to all their customers who want to read good books. They would most likely give your book a try, I mean why won’t they.

STEP #6:


If you have published your story on a site like Wattpad, dreame, raddish or kongfu, request for your story to be placed on their front page or in their recommended section for all their users to see. You can send them an email of your offer or you can ask for direction in their forum if your story is posted on wattpad.

This is an assured way of increasing your reads and promoting your book. You can also apply for your story to be added to the paid stories program if you would like to receive money from your story.

STEP #7:


Research has shown that users trust products or brands influencers promote. Finding an influencer to share or promote your book is a quick and assured way of driving traffic to your book. You can engage the services of influencers willing to promote you book on sites like TOMOSON, TOPSY or BUZZSUMO.

Another assured way of catching the attention of readers is offering your book to be reviewed by book sites. This is free and easy to do as some sites such as this one review books suggested or offered by the writers themselves. This is also helpful as you notice your mistakes and errors through their criticisms.

STEP #8:


This is quite simple and easy to do. Gather a few of your friends, get a good phone and some great lines or even a song and act out a part of the story. You do not need to hire a professional or qualified actor. Just a few video slides would do with a catchy song, anything to get your viewers interested in your work.

When it is all done, you can post it on any social media site you want together with the link to your story. Research has proven that videos and images tend to get more views and likes which would most likely increase engagement.


We hope this post has guided you on what to do. We believe every book should be given a chance to be read. Do share your experiences or the results you received from following our list in the comment section.

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