THREE DARK CROWNS, THREE SISTERS, ONE THRONE, A FIGHT TO THE DEATH! This exhilarating read is a fantasy based city with a really beautiful map. After the celebration of their sixteenth birthday, they go from sisters to mortal enemies.

Published Date: The book was first published in 2016.

Author: Kendare Blake.

Publishing house: It was first published in the US by HarperTeen and in the UK by Macmillan Children’s Books.

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Setting of Three Dark Crowns:

Three Dark Crowns was set in the magical FENNBIRN. A hidden place which is sometimes visited by Humans who dare to take that adventure.

Three Dark Crowns
A place i would love to visit.


In the magical land of Fennbirn where humans can bloom flowers and control storms, three queens are born into a a war none are prepared for. The time for the time for skirmish unrest is drawing closer and Arsinoe is together with Kathrine are still unable to control their battle gifts. Mirabella on the other hand seems to have everything going all right for. she is pretty, powerful and has the backing of the Naturalists as well as the priestesses. With the strong ability to control the wind, storm and fire everyone is certain the throne is already hers.

Natalie, the scheming leader of the Arron Family of Poisoners and the strongest member of the black council, has a plan of her own. Cheat to you can’t no more! With her positions in the high council, she lures one of her most trusted human connection, Mr. Chatworth (whose son was a suitor that year) to join her in her unfair game. He agrees but faith takes a totally different turn.

She unfastens her dress and slips out of it. She lies behind the boy and wraps her arms around him, sharing her heat. When her cloak dries, she will use it to cover them both.

Three Dark Crowns.

Joseph, Jules best male friend and crush, has returned and she was relentless. He was banished earlier for attempting to sneak Arsinoe into the human world for protection and he was finally set to return. He however rings with him a needed and pleasant surprise. Billy Chatworth, the suitor who Natalie wants to use to carry out her plan. He quickly gets fond of Arsinoe and Natalie’s winning plan goes haywire.

Joseph decides to take his boat back to the owner but his trip turns sour when he is dragged under the waves by a strong storm. Coincidentally, Mirabella who is on the run from her prison like home in Rolanth is close enough to see the wreck occur. She tries her best and saves him but he is too weak and cold.. She resorts to the last thing she believes would work!

The morning comes with horrid dreams and new found affection which would change the lives of all the people of Fennbirn.

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Suitable age groups:

I would recommend this book to audiences sixteen years and above. ( I know this hypocritical considering my age 😂). I say this because it contains some really strong scenes and R rated episodes for children. NOTE: *I am young but i am not a child😁)

Estimated reading time:

You can spend roughly three to four days on this book. Due to its action and word packed page turners. It is actually lengthy.

‘Am I dead?’ He asks. ‘Did I die?’

Three Dark Crowns.

Number of chapters and pages:

There are 407 pages filled with non stop thrills in Three Dark Crowns. It has roughly sixteen chapters and an exclusive extract from the second book which I truly enjoyed.


This is one of the few books main characters managed to make me hate them. I was not a fan of Mirabella and I am still not. Ever since her encounter with Joseph I grew a strong dislike for Joseph and Mirabella. Mainly because I was seriously shipping Jules and Joseph and when Jules got her heart broken, I was broken as well.

Three Dark Crowns
My reaction to Joseph and Mirabella.

Secondly, it got quite boring at some point but the writer was able to regain her traction. I was tempted a few times to put it down due to some lengthy sentences and chapters. Since I grew a deep bond with Arsinoe and Jules, I found the other chapters boring.

I also dislike how thePretty girl who gets everythingmade an appearance in the story. I expected it to be a story of equality. I know that there are some people who have centralized beauty, wealth and all the good things in life exist, but the constant appearance of such scenes in stories and movies is quite toxic for people who face the opposite every day.


Three dark crowns was a great story. The plot was on point and I didn’t see any grammatical errors. The fonts and pages were really simple to read and understand.

And even though she Arsinoe loves Jules and thinks of her as beautiful, she knows Jules is not the kind of beautiful that holds a boy like that.

Three Dark Crowns.


My relationship with Three Dark Crowns, is that of love and hate and this is going to affect my ratings. You know that feelings of liking something but at the same time having so much loathing for it? That is how I feel about this book.

For all the reasons stated above, I will rate this book a solid [6]


It was a great book but not the greatest. I like the fact that i was able to build a relation with one main character but the inability to feel the same about the others also ruined the book for me.

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Three Dark Crowns
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