PUBLISHING: Getting Naked Later was previously published under the title CUPID IS A PROCASTINATOR. It was published in 2013.



Getting naked later is a book on being single in today’s society. The writer uses her experiences and circumstances to deliver a truly stunning and read worthy book. This book also explores depression, love, family and Christianity in a unique and thrilling way to get readers glued to the book!



You keep going. You never give up.

You are stronger than you think you are.

You, covered in all your scars. Where your face was grazed with false imaginings that you were not beautiful enough. Look closely, love. Look closely because those scars are gilded with gold. Those scars have become your crown.

Kate Hurley: Getting Naked Later.


The story, Getting Naked Later, is told through the personal escapade and ordeals the writer, Kate Hurley, has undergone through her life. From hurt wrenching break ups to depressing and absolutely murderous depressions. She shared her faith and near short comings with Christ.

The book consist of twenty chapters, the first being ‘IF YOU CAN’T MARRY EM, WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THEM.’ In this chapter she shares how many weddings she had been to. Which as we all know wasn’t hers. She wrote about how she would go and ball her eyes out in the lavatories during or after these events. Not that she was jealous but because she didn’t want to be lonely.

Collin gave me a quizzical look and said, “You can’t do that, Kate! You have to get married in the Game of Life.”

Book by Kate Hurley.

She continues to share her Christian journey in my favorite chapter, Kate: The musical. From singing in front of crazy non believers to getting Lyme disease. The chapter shares how she grew each and every day in Christ and how The Lord helped her out of her state of despair. She, being extremely blessed was healed after nine sleepless years of having this dreaded but lesser known disease. The book continues to share her life as a single woman and how she stays positive within a Christian Society where marriage is seen as a pivotal commitment in a human’s life.


Kate is a single gospel musician who has impacted lives with her songs and now her incredible book. Visit her site.

I had what all humans long for. I was loved.

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Getting Naked Later is made up of Twenty Chapters. It also includes a Forward, Preface, Afterword, notes and a special group study guide. There are a total of 249 pages in this incredible book.


You may spend an estimated Three to four days reading the book. Due to its relatively long and informative chapters.

As clearly as I have ever heard God speak to me, he said, “Kate, look at the ocean.” I looked at it, crashing back and forth and back and forth like it has since the beginning of time. “As many times as the ocean waves keep crashing back to the shore, that’s how many times I’m going to heal you. Th at’s how many times I’m going to restore you. Th at’s how many times I’m going to wash you clean.”

Getting Naked Later! Kate: The musical.


Although Getting Naked Later focuses mainly on being single while in your late or early twenties and thirties, It contains valuable information that can be appreciated by every age group. It doesn’t contain any vulgar words.




I wouldn’t say anything was wrong with this book because it was perfect in my view. It wasn’t Ranty (If that is a word) and it was really simple to read. I know nothing can be absolutely perfect, I am not saying it was, but there were no direct errors or problems you could spot right away.


I must admit, though I am not a big fan of memoirs (this is my first) I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t have to force myself to read it because the pages kept on flipping on their own. It felt like I was on a really incredible journey with Kate and that made the book even more intriguing. The editing and grammar was on point and I didn’t spot any mistakes.

Secondly, and the most important reason for liking this book, it was relatable. This brilliant read transported me back to my younger days when I was lonely and had no friends in school. I was shifting between those dreadful moments on the playground all alone because no body wanted to get close to me. Through her encouraging and virtuous words, she helped me realize the importance of family.

During those lonely years, I was five, no one my age wanted to be my friend. I was the true definition of lonely but my family was there. They were the ones I talked to, they were my friends when no one wanted to be. I am truly grateful for having received this book because I now know the important role my family played during those crucial years.

The book and the author are now part of my favorites. I am glad to know that I was not the only one who went through loneliness as a child and i very thankful for having come out of that place in my life. It made me cry, laugh and learn all at once.👏👏


Joy comes in the morning

Why are you downcast,

Put your hope in the Lord

He makes all things beautiful Remember how he’s rescued you before

Be strong now lift your head

Joy comes in the morning.

Joy comes in the morning. Song by Kate Hurley.

When I woke up from the dream I realized that the man was not a future husband or a father or a friend. It was Jesus.

Kate: The musical.

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Real life is nothing like storybooks or chick fl icks. Th ere are no producers to come up with a predictable plot. No editors to cut out the parts you don’t like. Th ere are no writers who will answer every question and bring resolution to every challenge.

Kate Hurley.

I forget that I have friends and family all around me because I am so focused on the faraway people and their seemingly perfect lives.

Getting Naked Later.

It would be wise for us to recognize our disease of loneliness and realize that getting married will not cure that disease.

Kate Hurley.


I would first reccommend this book to anyone who is going through depression or loneliness. Although the main target of this book was single adults who are facing a hard time, It is a very good book for overcoming loneliness as well.

I am going to give this book a, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! 🥁🥁🥁🥁


For all the points mentioned above. It was easy to read and understand. Not too lengthy and straight to the point. is really personal yet so relatable. Getting Naked Later You are able to feel the emotions she expressed on the sheets and her advices were spot on and really helpful.

Your life won’t have a perfectly hemmed-in ending. It will be ripped and tattered and re-sewn like a patchwork quilt. Marriage, singleness, divorce, loneliness, joy—these are the pieces of fabric that might make up that quilt. Whether God is the one who created the hard patches is not a question I can answer. But I do believe this:
God is the thread. Your life is stitched with the color of his mercy, his grace, his love.
You may never understand why you are lonely on this earth. But one day, God will hold out that quilt for you, and he will say, “Look what I made for you. Isn’t it beautiful?” Then he will wrap the quilt around you, hold you close, and say, “There you go, love. You don’t have to be lonely anymore.”

My all time favourite.

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