Riadorable_words is an upcoming Indian Instagram writer. Riadorable has shared 79 of her original stories on her instagram platform. She has managed to accrue 783 followers who constantly like and appreciate her work. Read her interview below:

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Post by Riadorable_words.
Post by Riadorable_words.
1.When leaving your home in the morning, what motivational thoughts or words do you say to yourself.

I am not always motivated in the morning. Sometimes I am really messed up and sometimes I am highly motivated.
So, generally I don’t say any motivational thoughts Or words to myself as I prefer to listen to any motivational song .

2. How would you want others to perceive you at first sight.

We are not the same personality everywhere and yeah if anyone wants ,they can impress anyone by showing their good looks, their achievements and their talents. But this impressions doesn’t stay longer. The thing which impresses me is skill of balancing your profession and your passion and how the person is so enthusiastic while doing it which can’t be seen in the first impression.
The conclusion is the first impression is not the last impression. The person has layers and stages to come to their comfort zone. Not everyone wants to impress others.
So, In my case… I doesn’t bothers what other perceive about me at the first sight. They can perceive according to their intellectual levels.

3. How do you keep yourself levelled with all your writing success.

 I haven’t succeeded yet. I am still learning. This is just the beginning. And I keep myself levelled up by exploring new things and learning new things.

4. What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I could be a good classical and contemporary dancer.
And yeah if I could play any one of the musical instruments like piano or flute.

5. If you were to get stuck in a room with any star who would it be?

To be honest I stopped considering the Actor and actress as stars.
Rather…I would like to stuck with any artist who can teach me to sing properly or dance while stuck.

6. Which cartoon character would you gladly live as for a year?

Diego of the show go diego go. I bet hardly people know about that show.

7. Which movie do you wish was made into a story.

– zindagi naa milegi dobara.

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Post by Riadorable_words.
Post by Ria
8. What is the FUNNIEST or most interesting memory you have of you childhood?

– I made a story and told my friends that there is a spirit in one of the tree of the school. They were really got scared. But later on I got a good scolding from the teachers.

9. What do you love most and dislike about your country.

– I love the customs and traditions of our country especially it’s rich history how we have gone through a lot but still standing as a powerful nation in the world.
I dislike the thing that people are Very judgmental in our country and also there are still many people who are narrow-minded .I hate caste system the most due to which boys and girls are not allowed to choose their own partners and also there are many issues which are always ignored like poverty and always main emphasis is given on religious wars.

10. Which three foods can you live without?

– I can live without non veg food as I am a vegetarian.
And also I can live without eating. Soyabean chunks and bitter gourd.

11. What was the worst story you have ever read. *You can decide not to give a name, just a summary would do.

– I have read a story in which the girl’s best friend had an affair with her boyfriend. Such a stupid Story.

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Post by Riadorable_words.
Post by Riadorable_words.
12. What is your most driving goal?

– Currently I am a CA inter student. My goal is to became a ” Chartered accountant” And also I want to become a well known writer.


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