As writers and sometimes even bloggers, we have experienced this infamous writers block. Growing up I didn’t really know what it was called, all I knew was this overwhelming and impregnably condition of a total creative shutdown. It used to devastate me a lot as writing was my life.

I used to lose the ability to write or produce any creative for about a week and it really took a toll on my writing process. It usually ended with me deserting the story because it felt it wasn’t good enough and nobody would want to read it.

How to overcome a writer's block!

It wasn’t until about a year ago that i finally understood what was happening to me. I was ecstatic knowing I was not the only one experiencing this. I started to develop ways I could quickly get out of the crippling mental and physical dejection and I came up with a few. Okay, they are a lot!


There are many causes of this dreaded writing disease. It may differ from writer to writer but there are a few that most of us share in common and they are as follows:

  1. Fear.
  2. Feeling like you aren’t good enough.
  3. Perfectionism.
  4. Laziness.
  5. Lack of commitment or interest.
  6. Not writing enough or not writing at all.
  7. Never feel like it is the right time to write.
  8. Refusing to write until you get inspired.
  9. Procrastination.

These are the very common reasons people fall ill to a writers block. They are always at the receiving end of the blaming stick with fear and laziness being the prevalent perpetrator.

How to overcome a writer's block!
Well that sums it up!

Now let’s look at how to conquer these.


I tried many, manyyy ways to get out of a writers block and mostly ended up flat on my behind, sicker than i was before i even tried. That did not stop me from trying out more methods and this blog post is a testament to that. With the help of the numerous writer interview i did, i also came across other ways to subjugate a writers block and they worked miracles.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they are all going to work for you. But depending on your hobbies, likes and preferences, you can draw inspiration from this post to create your own custom cure.

Watch an inspiring movie:

This tip works really great for me. I know you have heard a lot of experts say “do not watch television during a writers block“. Although I don’t agree with it entirely, I understand their reasons for saying so. It is not every movie that can cure a writers block, in fact some can damage you beyond repair but anyone who knows the power of a great movie knows the healing element they contain.

Just a few weeks ago i was struggling with a severe writers block. When i say severe i mean SEVERE! I was at lost with what to do then some one (Netflix) suggested I watch The boy who harnessed the wind so I did and boyy when I tell you the miracles it did on me. I wrote over four thousand words in one night!

Read a story or a poem:

Books are a great way of diverting your attention from your writing breakdown to a more lovely or chaotic reality (Depends on what you decide to read). I tend to read a lot of books and poems when i am going through a writers block.

My favorite go to poem when dealing with a writer’s block is Scribbler’s Dream. A short poem written by Lawrence Darmani. It basically talks of writers and our inability to write. I find it is very inspiring and helps me to get out of a writer’s block way faster.

Between dreams and fruition,

yawning gaps close’

not by pacing carpets

but by mating quill and parchment.

Scribbler’s Dream, Lawrence Darmani.
Take a walk or a hike:

What cures better and faster than nature itself? Simply looking at the lush green leaves of trees and the vibrant blooms of flowers can give you a quick creative lift. I am not sure if it is the colors or the whizzing insects but nature has some healing elements about.

Interact with people:

Interact with real life people. Take a writer’s block as a chance for you to force yourself off your desk and plod your way back to reality. Sometimes we have to treat a writer’s block as a way of our body telling us to get our rusty dusty into the world to find more individuality and finesse. Talking, Meaningful talk, with other humans apart from those in our heads can help to boost a person’s ingenuity.

Try other things you are passionate about:

Writing can not be the only thing you find truly entertaining, you may have a secret prowess in sports or photography and exploring yourself and your capabilities during a writer’s block can help you figure these out. The more fields you explore the more inspired you become.

How to overcome a writer's block!
Day dream:

This is my holy grail during a writer’s block. I am a huge dreamer who day dreams about every single aspect of my life. I use this to my advantage when i am struck with a writer’s block. I take that opportunity to dream about my characters and how to develop them.

Imagining about your characters makes them feel real and closer than they actually are. You are able to create scenes in your head which you once found difficulty in writing. I find this as a very powerful and important tool even after a writer’s block.

Don’t pressure yourself:

A writer’s block is not something you should pressure yourself over. No matter how long it takes it would eventually leave and you’d be free to write and explore your creativness.

Develop and follow your writing routine:

What would we do without a writing routine? A routine helps us as writers to write when it fits us. Without a schedule, you’d be a lost cause. You won’t know when to write or what you are writing topped with the discouraging feeling of not being able to write at all. Create your writing routine OR schedule now!


A very effective guide on how to create a writing schedule that works for you!

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Take a relaxing get away:

I don’t mean to literally pack up your things and leave, Though, that would be good too. What i am trying to say is, move your thoughts away from not being able to write. That is a writer’s block get away.

Forget your inability to do what you love doing the most and enjoy the great things around you. You can take a swim, get a massage or visit the gym but in our current situation (Covid-19) they are next to impossible unless you have a fully equipped gym and masseuse waiting on your beck and call, this should be no problem at all.

For those of you who don’t have these luxuries, you can try on your favorite dress (Simply put, have a dress up party with yourself). You could also try acting as your favorite characters from your recent projects or try farming!

Write poems, short stories or even songs:

Try writing poems or short stories based on how your day went. You could also practice song writing.

Other things to try:
  1. Remind yourself regularly why you write.
  2. Try writing sections of the story that excites you the most.
  3. Write really early in the morning.
  4. Try staying of the internet.
How to overcome a writer's block!

You can consider writer’s block as a curse on all writers but we cannot deny the fact that no matter how devastating it may be, it also helps us to better our skills as writers. Don’t stress your self too much about it, just enjoy the moment and explore yourself.



What is your go to inspiring poem or book when you are faced with a writers block?

How do you personally deal with a writer’s block?

I would love to read your answers in the comment sections.

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