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QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

I like to start my day by having a cup of coffee and relaxing for a few minutes, such as reading. For me, that works better than rushing off to start the day! After I’ve relaxed, that helps me to prepare for the rest of the day.

QUESTION #2: What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

I am a stay-at-home mom. I try to write when my baby goes down for a nap. I just completed my recent story and I was publishing a chapter a week, so discipline definitely helped in that regard!

QUESTION #3: How often or how long do you spend in a day preparing for your work and how does it fit into your schedule?

When I’m writing, I can sit down with my coffee and reflect on my story and what the next chapter might entail. Staying home with my baby provides me that flexibility to reflect quite often.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a writer? Will you continue to pursue this career in the near future or you have other plans?

I do want to pursue writing as a career! My favorite part is putting words on the page and seeing the story come to life. Also since I’ve been posting this story, I’ve been able to interact with readers and that’s been a lot of fun as well!

QUESTION #5: How did you discover your passion for writing and how long have you been doing it? What benefits have you derived from it?

I’ve naturally been drawn to writing ever since I was a young girl. I’ve enjoyed reading and writing as long as I can remember. There are many benefits to writing for me. It helps me clear my head. It is something I genuinely enjoy and it makes me happy. It is so fun to create a story. I love hearing from readers.

QUESTION #6: Who is your favorite author and what have you learned from him or her.

I really like both Nicholas Sparks and Harlan Coben. I have read many of their books. Their writing flows well and they immerse the reader in their characters’ worlds, and I would love for my readers to feel the same about my stories!

QUESTION #7: What was the first plot for a book you thought of but never published?

I remember an idea coming into my mind about a character dying in a boat accident. His friends wake up the next day and they realize the date is the day their friend died. They try to convince their friend that he shouldn’t go on the boat that night, but the friend doesn’t want to listen to them.

QUESTION #8: If you had a chance to travel anywhere in the universe for free, where would you go?

I love Kauai, Hawaii. I have been there before and it is gorgeous. That is definitely where I would go first, but I’d love to see more of the world as well.

Christina Jane's book.
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QUESTION #9: What does your writing process look like and what goes into your physical and mental preparations when you are developing a concept for a book?

When I have a book idea, I’ll try to write it down so I don’t forget it. Then I start making notes and coming up with characters. I love writing in notebooks, so I’ll write a lot of the details by hand.

I like to make outlines for my stories. I usually add more than what’s on the outline, but it works better for me to have a general idea of where the story is going. If nothing else, it helps me to have the ending in mind.

QUESTION #10: What was the worst mistake you made in your journey and how will aspiring writers prevent the same from happening to them?

I wish I’d kept writing consistently when I was younger. I’d take a break that I was sure was going to be just a break, and then it turned into a long period of time. I look back now on a story that I took a “break” on and wished I’d gotten back to it. It’s healthy to take breaks so writers don’t get burned out. But I wish I’d returned to that story after a short break.

QUESTION #11: What do you look for most in a plot and how do you achieve the results you want? What do you consider the most important part of a story?

I want the plot to be something interesting, something that will make the readers care. I think that’s the most important part. If readers don’t care about what happens to the character, it’s often tough to get into that book. So I want to try to make the stakes high.

QUESTION #12: Are you happy about where you are as a writer? Do you sometimes want more attention or less?

I am happy. I just completed my story and that felt like a great accomplishment. Now I’m in the middle of the editing process and it’s a lot of fun making the story better! I have had readers who read the entire story and that means so much to me. I’m grateful for the readers I have!

QUESTION #13: What was the most exciting and exasperating moment for you in your journey and how have you coped with disappointment?

I enjoyed writing the story. Also, finishing it felt incredible. I tend to be a perfectionist at times, so it was tough for me at certain points to just keep writing. My instinct was to stop and try to make the story perfect right then. But I reminded myself that that’s what the editing process is for. I love the advice that you can’t edit a blank page, and I kept that in mind!

QUESTION #14: What does success look like to you in this position? What new projects are you working on and when should we be expecting them?

Readers sticking with my story the entire way through and telling me how much they enjoyed it definitely feels like success to me. I was so thankful to my readers, and they were the ones thanking ME for writing the story! That felt wonderful. I’m editing the story I just finished writing, and after that, I’ll be working on a new story! That story is about a girl who keeps running into her favorite singer, but someone isn’t ready to let a mistake in his past go.

QUESTION #15: What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

Worrying if the writing and story is good enough can definitely be challenging at times. I try to tell myself that there is always room for improvement and that there is someone out there who would enjoy the story. Then I keep writing.

Christina Jane's book.
Read her newest book here!
QUESTION #16: When how did you master the courage to share your skill with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received? How do you face the negativity and hate?

I thought the accountability was something that would help me write and finish the story, and it definitely worked. I posted a chapter each week for over five months. Knowing that I had readers awaiting the next chapter helped me finish the story.

Some readers said they really enjoyed my story. Those who provide feedback are also helpful, as I keep in mind that a story can always be improved. Posting has been a great experience for me!

QUESTION #17: Rank the various characters in books you have read:
I. The most annoying and most likely to get killed by you.

I wouldn’t kill them, but characters who are unkind and treat other characters badly make me sad.

II. the one you might have a relationship with, that is if they were real.

I have a wonderful husband, but I enjoy reading about male characters who are kind and compassionate.

III. The most adventurous or badass.

I can’t think of a specific character, but I enjoy reading about characters who are inspirational.

QUESTION #18: Rank all the stories you have read:
I. The story with the most annoying characters.

I can’t think of one specifically, but if I read a story where it makes it tough to care about any the characters, it might be hard to read for me.

II. The one most likely to get an award.

I love well-written books. Both Harlan Coben and Nicholas Sparks write very well!

iii. The story that made you cry.

I almost always cry while reading a book by Nicholas Sparks. My absolute favorite book is The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks.

QUESTION #19: What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your book? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

I try to be active on Wattpad and interact with people naturally. I try to read other stories that I am genuinely interested in. I also try to promote my story on Twitter. Being active on Wattpad has helped a lot!

QUESTION #20: Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

I think interacting with people and promoting my story has helped more than anything!

Bonus Questions:

A. What is your most cherished memory while growing up?

I have a great family. Looking back, simply just having us all together was something special. Spending time with them while I grew up was something I’ll cherish forever!


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