THREE FILIPINO WOMEN consists of three novellas- Cadena de Amor, obsession and Platinum. The story probes being woman in the Philippine society through the beautifully written stories of a Politician, Prostitute and a Student with all of them having tragic and painful endings.

Published Date: June 1, 1992.


Page Count: 320


Three filipino women was set in the Philippines and America.


Three filipino Women.
Book By F. Sionil Jose.
Cadena de Amor:

Narita Reyes and young Eduardo Cortez are young filipino bestfriends. They tell each other everything and anything. Being close friends and neighbors Eddie was bound to develop a candid affection for her, much more than the friendly love she harbored. Unfortunately for him, a popular politician swoops in and snatches her for his son. She is dragged put of her world of poverty and set up on a pedestal by her father in law and Husband.

“There is no difference. You are in love with power. Caesar, when he was paraded in Rome, there was always this man following him, whispering, chanting: ‘Remember, thou art mortal.’ So Narita, remember—you are full of shit.”

Three Filipino Women.

However glamourous her marriage life was, it wasn’t meant to last. With her husband having extra affaires with other men, they were divorced in five years. After her ex husband commits suicide she becomes her father in law’s favourite daughter and decides to embark on a political journey. Using her beauty and brains as a weapon, she was ready to snatch the presidential seat until her tragic death.


An ex solder and media consultant, Rolando Cruz, after being left by his wife and children turns to prostitutes as his only means of keeping busy. Due to how much time he spends with them, he launches a study into the early sexual practices of Filipinos and how homosexuality influenced culture because of their positions in movies and stage directions.

I have not been vicious except, perhaps, once, but this story is not about my war experiences, nor about Media Consultants which I manage, but about my obsession with Ermi.

Three Filipino Women.

After sometime of going there, he introduced to a new comer Ermi Rojo for whom he would later hold a deep affection for or more or less an Obsession. She is very protective of herself and the information she gives out. He hands her her first costumer, a great leader from a neighboring country. Two months after their introduction, she is awarded a house on forbes street. His obsession grows from there and he forces himself to take a vacation due to his lack of concentration.

His mind, completely filled with thoughts of Ermi, won’t rest until his eyes sets on her. After returning to the Camarin, he is informed of her departure to amaerica. He waits fervently till she returns and tells him how he feels.


The story of Maria Luiza nicknamed Platinum and Teng-ga begins in the office of their college professor, Professor Galvez. He then develops a deep affection for the sweet, beautiful and caring Malu. They met everyday under an acacia tree to communicate and share their thoughts.

“I am not a tease,” her voice rose. “Can’t you see that I like you, but not enough to engage in simple fornication? That is what you want—and if you love me, then you know that love is more than that.”

Three Filipino Women

After a trip to a poor farming community, she starts to engage more in demonstrations against the government. She sets out one vacation with no note or explanation to fight for her political beliefs. and leaves her parents and poor Teng-ga very worried. She returns however very distraught and sun burnt. she informs him of her very horrific rape experience but his love for her still prevails. They lie to their parents that they have gotten married and start to live together.

Malu, requests for free days where she can go wherever she wants without being questioned and he agrees to it. He knowing that she was still engaging in those dangerous demonstrations gets her pregnant in hopes that after giving birth she would forget about them. wanting to do something useful with her life, she becomes a member of an underground guerilla movement, then dies in a military descent.


“What?” her voice leaped. “Expose myself to more ridicule? That’s unthinkable! I’ll have none of it. Poverty is not something to be proud of. It is degrading and don’t ask me to think otherwise.”

Three Filipino Women, Cadena de Amor

“Just remember this,” I said instead. “In a world grown dark with deceit there are many who are blinded and few who can hold up a light so that we can see the way. More important, so that we can look at ourselves, as well as others, and know how different or similar we are to the herd.”

Three Filipino Women, Obsession

Look at a girl’s mother, I remember reading, and this is how the daughter will look.

Three Filipino Women, Platinum

“You are no different—you’re just like all of them,” she said. “Did it over occur to you that revolution is not just shooting and dying? It is also cooking, typing, keeping files, planning, teaching—and organizing.”

Three Filipino Women, Platinum


Three Filipino women was a great story. It helped me understand how the world could be sometimes. It also educated me on the history of the Philipines. It was really interesting, I loved how the stories were written. It really encourages you to keep on flipping page after page.



One thing I didn’t really enjoy about the book, Three filipino women, was how female beauty was always related to having a milky skin color. I felt a lack of representation for all the darker shades of Philippine women.


I would suggest that only people above the ages of Twelve be given this book. There were no sex scenes but it contains languages a bit too much for the young mind.


I spent a whooping Three days on this book. I know that is a lot of time but I estimate not more than thirty two hours on this book.



  • Querida~ Honey.
  • mestiza~ Half- caste.
  • hacendero~ Farmer.
  • kalamansi~ Disaster.


I am going to award this book with a [7] star rating. It was beautifully written and fun to read. Educative and very informative as well.


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