Christine Owen is an eminent and a substantial writer on the wattpad platform. At the moment, only two of her works are available on wattpad. Christine Owen has been featured twice on the reading site and has over twelve thousand followers who enjoy her work. she is now the Published Winner in the Once Upon Now Anthology (Grand Prize).


QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

Q1 I start my day with espresso and fruit! I aim to get a 500-1000 word chapter structure down in the morning before the day gets crazy.



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QUESTION #2: What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

Q2 Day to day I have three kids aged 7, 5, and 2 and I’m a stay at home mom who homeschools (whew). I am semi-strict I suppose, trying to set guidelines but also always aiming to have fun with those goofballs!

QUESTION #3: How often or how long do you spend in a day preparing for your work and how does it fit into your schedule?

Q3 Honestly, writing is a really small part of my day. I wish it was my full time job and I had an office shrouded with peace and quiet and a Zen rock garden but what I do have is screaming kids who need constant bottom-wiping. Writing happens around everything else.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a writer? Will you continue to pursue this career in the near future or you have other plans?

Q4 my favorite part about being a writer is the outlet. You have to get something creative out into the world sometimes or you’ll go crazy! I’ll keep pursuing it in the future but only for my own enjoyment (my original profession is an ER Respiratory therapist)

QUESTION #5: How did you discover your passion for writing and how long have you been doing it? What benefits have you derived from it?

Q5 I discovered my passion for writing when I had read most everything else in the library in junior high (I didn’t have a tv and internet and all that stuff). Benefits have been self-expression and a validation for connection with other people!

QUESTION #6: Who is your favorite author and what have you learned from him or her.

My favorite author is Gordon Korman (from growing up) and what I’ve learned from this author is to culminate everything in one fun messy climax. (Or so I hope I’ve learned!)

QUESTION #7: What book of yours would you recommend a person who hasn’t heard of you before?

well I’ve recently deleted all my books but The Movie Star Next Door was pretty solid with almost a million views. I suppose I would recommend that although I don’t feel that that is indicative of my writing style (hence why I took it down)

QUESTION #8: If you had a chance to ask God or Nature anything, what would you ask?

hmmmm what would I ask God is a rough question!! I do ask Him things all day long, mostly complaining about how I have to watch my kids and have no career or life or love or happiness or…. Lol j/k, but no. Yes. Definitely lots of crying. O Lord, I need You!

QUESTION #9: What does your writing process look like and what goes into your physical and mental preparations when you are developing a concept for a book?

good question. I write 100% for my own enjoyment. No money, no fame, nothing has or will come of it except entertaining myself. If I prepare too much, it’s like trying to tickle yourself and it doesn’t feel the same as when things come up on their own and you get that tickle of fresh excitement/inspiration all over again.

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QUESTION #10: What was the worst mistake you made in your journey and how will aspiring writers prevent the same from happening to them?

worst mistake was probably writing for other people, writing what other people wanted to read. That’s not sustainable and never will be. Those projects will only be abandoned and fizzle.

QUESTION #11: What do you look for most in a plot and how do you achieve the results you want? What do you consider the most important part of a story?

I look for surprise most in plot, I think. Something that grabs you but isn’t predictable. The most part of a story is the middle. Beginnings and ending are easy peasy. The middle where things are revealed and the characters change and grow – that’s nearly impossible!

QUESTION #12: Are you happy about where you are as a writer? Do you sometimes want more attention or less?

I’m pretty happy with where I am as a writer. I haven’t created a book where I edit and edit and it’s some kind of ultimate project that I’m pitching… So I guess I’m still finding myself and my style. Sometimes I guess I want more attention (who doesn’t??) but not really, I don’t think my projects are super deserving of spotlight. For example, nothing has been edited, and, being a perfectionist, I’m not okay with that lol

QUESTION #13: What was the most exciting and exasperating moment for you in your journey and how have you coped with disappointment?

most exciting was definitely winning a contest to get my short story printed in real life book stores! I couldn’t believe that actually was happening. Disappointment is hard too because writing feels so personal and, even though we can put on a tough face, critique hurts in a personal way. I think that’s partly why I’ve taken everything down so I can actually create something I’m proud of.

QUESTION #14: What does success look like to you in this position? What new projects are you working on and when should we be expecting them?

Success is literally just being entertained like I said before. Obviously, being published seems like a goal I should have but I don’t even think I’m looking for that right now. For new projects, I have a short story in a paid Wattpad anthology and you can expect it soon! July, but I’m not sure I know the date.

QUESTION#15: Christine Owen, what do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

Most challenging is definitely balancing life with writing. Reading and living life to store up the creativity before you can write. It’s a mysterious thing, to fuel-up on creativity somehow!

QUESTION #16: When how did you master the courage to share your skill with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received? How do you face the negativity and hate?

I only started publishing things on Wattpad after I had read for a while. Wattpad was smaller then and it was just SO COMPLETELY ADDICTING to have people read what I wrote. I had a few that would read and comment (literally like 2) and that was exhilarating. It was like someone hearing my thoughts, really hearing me, for the first time ever.

negativity and hate is really hard and I did have some on my Move Star Next Door book. I forget exactly if it was a race thing but I think it subtly was (the guy mc was black and the girl, white). A friend advised me to just immediately report and delete and not give those comments any airtime whatsoever! Done and done!

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QUESTION #17: Christine Owen, Rank the various characters in your book:

I. The most annoying and most likely to get killed by you.

most annoying – Mister Smithorwhite

II. the one you might have a relationship with, that is if they were real.

Relationship with – omg, Colt times 1000. I still feel like he exists, like I’m embarrassed writing that because maybe he will see! Lol

III. The most adventurous or badass.

Adventurous – hmmm I had an Alice in wonderland girl who rocked at everything but like in a terrifying way

QUESTION #18: Rank your stories:

I. The one you enjoyed writing.

enjoyed – movie star next door

II. The one most likely to get an award.

Award – hmmmm Camilla Kern, maybe or Adam because it already got picked for Paid

III. The story you’ll give up if your life depended on it.

I would give up on every story if my life depended on it!! Lol

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QUESTION #19: What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your book? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

hmmm never really did many promotions, just always being active on the site. I have been here for A WHILE lol

QUESTION #20: Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

hmmm no, not really. I think it helps that I’m a native English speaker because most of the contests are in English


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