If it bleeds is a collection of four frightening stories combined to form one great big book. it was written by non other than the amazing Stephen King who has, since 1973, published numerous of books with this amazing book being his latest.


If it bleeds,written in four different point of views, featured places like Maine, Pittsburg and Pennsylvania.


The first mini story which is titled Mr. Harrigans Phone was set in Maine. The main character, a young helpful boy by name of Craig who loves his low paying job and employer Mr. Harrigan is faced with his inevitable loss. After winning a good amount of money from the scratch cards he got on special occasions from his old and fragile boss, he suprises him with the first iphone to be released. Mr. Harrigan who was sceptical at first finally accepts his little gift after a lot convincing.

Unfortunately, Mr. Harrigan’s time on was due. With sorrow in his heart from the loss of his dear old friend, he deposits Mr. Harrigan’s iphone which he learned to love in the breast pocket of his suit. After a short burial service he and his father return home. In the comfort of his room, he let’s out the tears he had been holding in during the funeral. After pouring his heart out, he decides to give his dead friend one last call in the middle of the night. CREEPY? I KNOW!


He tells his old and dead friend how much he misses him and goes back to slumber. He awakes the next morning and like most teenagers, he checks his phone and creepily enough, he had a text from the dead man’s phone!

He calls back after three months, Yes, the phone still worked, and reports a bully who had hurt him, obviously not expecting a response but he still got one. One he had not asked for but went back to seek again.

TEXT: The message above the most recent one had been sent four days before Mr. Harrigan died. It read No need to water the houseplants today, Mrs. G did it. Below it was this: C C C aa.

The life of Chuck is the second mini book in this collection. It is a short but frightening biography of a respected businessman who died unfairly at a young age. Just like the first story and the ones that would follow, his creepy factor was seeing himself die.

Charles Krantz—Chuck, to his wife and his wife’s brother and his friends—takes one slow breath after another, his body’s last interactions with the world, each inhale and exhale managed (like the beat of his heart) by a failing brain where a few operations still continue. The man who spent his working life in the accounting department of the Midwest Trust is now doing his final tallies: small income, large disbursements

If it bleeds, Stephen King.

If it bleeds, tells the story of how Holly Gibney through her suspicions and investigations uncovers another type of some alien species that have taken the form of Humans. These face changing monsters fed on the misery and sorrow of the innocent and with no care about who or what they hurt, hunger drives one Mr. Ondowsky to initiate a fatal school bombing.

“It’s not, because black people can never be American in the same way Italian and Irish people can. Black skin withstands the melting pot.

If it bleeds, Stephen King.

Rat, the last and really interesting mini story in this collection, is about a fairly good short story writer who has once been published in The New Yorker. Looks to snack another achievements another his belt by completing a novel.

With numerous failed attempts and a near fatal incident due to his devastation of not being able to finish a good book, he gives it a last try. he travels to his dead father’s shithouse in the woods for maximum concentration. Things seemed to be going fine until he catches a cold and news of a heavy storm threatens to drive him back home. He refuses to leave even with his wife’s persistent pleas. The storm arrives and he is, once again, faced with not being able to choose the right word. 

If you slowed down the story began to fade, as dreams did on waking.

If it bleeds, Stephen King.

One evening, he hears a faint scratching on the front door. Upon opening, he is faced with an injured rat. He later relocates the rat under the oven in the house and waits for it to die in peace. When he awakens, he finds the fully revitalized rat on the piled up sheets of his unfinished story. The rat gives him an offer; It will help Him finish his book in return, He will lose someone close to him.

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[bctt tweet="Relatives are the one 
thing Amazon can’t deliver."]

“Relatives are the one thing Amazon can’t deliver.”

If it bleeds, Stephen King.

“Youth is a wonderful thing,” said Mr. Harrigan. “What a shame it’s wasted on children.”

If it bleeds, Stephen King.

What I can say is that I’ve always felt that each one of us—from the kings and princes of the realm to the guys who wash dishes at Waffle House and the gals who change beds in turnpike motels—contains the whole world.

If it bleeds, Stephen King.


I am very happy to say that i loved the book, If it bleeds. Every moment I  spent on it I learnt something valuable, being, new words and many others. With every sentence in the book, you are urged to keep on reading. Reading If it bleeds was like a never ending adventure.

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Just like in every crate of eggs, there are bound to be some bad chicks. (FYI, it isn’t a saying! Refrain from using it for exam purposes, you maybe marked down.) I really enjoyed the book, but I really wish I could get to know the characters better. Plus, I have a lot of questions I need answers to. Like, why did the rat want human life? Couldn’t he have asked for maybe constant supply of food till one of them died?

Author Stephen King with his book, If it bleeds.
A picture of the author and his book, If it bleeds.


The stories in this book are quite scary. I wouldn’t advice this book to be read by scaredy-cat or young audiences, you may find it difficult to sleep.


You may spend not more than three days reading this book, unless you are a slow reader.


I am going to award this book with a solid seven stars [7]! It was well written and easy to read as well as understand. It kept you interested with every single word and that is really amazing.


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Would you ever in your life call or text a dead friend or relative?

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