Arlana Crane is the incredible blogger behind a very well known blog by name, ARLANAWRITES. Arlana Crane has lots of subscribers and views on her very interesting blog. Arlana Crane has furthered her success by writing and publishing her crime book titled MORDECAI’S ASHES.

She agreed to answer a few questions for us. READ HER INTERVIEW BELOW.

QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

1) I’m not much of a morning person, so I tend to roll out of bed at the last minute, grab my coffee and sit down at my computer with my brain still only half awake, and sort of stare at the screen until the ideas start to percolate.


What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

2) Because I have a “day job” besides my writing endeavors, I find that writing often has to take second place to that, so I am more disciplined when it comes to other areas of my life, but I still try to make writing a regular part of every week.


How often or how long do you spend in a day preparing for your work and how does it fit into your schedule?

3) I’d say my preparation for writing primarily consists of thinking about writing a lot, and then grabbing any spare minute I have, on my lunch break, in the evening, whenever I can fit it into the rest of my schedule.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a blogger? Will you continue to pursue this career in the near future or you have other plans? and QUESTION #5: How did you discover your passion for blogging and how long have you been doing it? What benefits have you derived from it?

4&5)I find I enjoy writing fiction more than I do blogging, however blogging is a good discipline and does help to improve my writing, overall.

I don’t expect that I will ever be able to blog as my full time job, but I would love to be able to write my crime novels as my job, instead of working in a corporate office. For me, blogging is a way to draw attention to my novels and to let my readers get to know me a little more as a person.

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Who is your favorite blogger and what have you learned from him or her. and QUESTION #7: which blog is your all time favourite and why?

6&7) I think the Refashionista is probably my favourite blog and blogger. Jillian has a fun, quirky writing style and I enjoy the inspiration to be creative and upcycle, rather than pursue fast fashion. Good for the environment and good for my wallet!


If you had only one chance to play a character in a movie,who will it be?

8) I think I would be too terrified in front of a camera to say a word! The nice thing about writing/blogging is that no one is watching you while you find the words you want to say.


What does your blogging process look like.  

9) It depends on the type of blog I’m writing. Sometimes I write about different aspects of the process of writing and publishing novels, other times I share funny anecdotes from everyday life. If I’m writing about writing I tend to take more time and plot out what I’m going to say, but when I’m just telling a story I write very quickly, and just tell the story as it comes to me.


What was the worst mistake you made in your journey and how will aspiring bloggers prevent the same from happening to them?

10) I’m not very good at being consistent with my blogging. I will write a couple of blogs one month and then none at all the next month. I know this can be annoying to followers, and I would recommend keeping to a blogging schedule if at all possible.

Arlana Crane's newest book
A book by Arlana Crane


What do you look for most when you blog ?

11) When I blog I do it to communicate with my readers, so my main focus is on writing as clearly and simply as possible, and then being amusing if I can.

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Are you happy about where you are as a blogger? Do you sometimes want more attention or less?

12) Theoretically I would like to blog more often and gain more followers, but that would require more commitment and consistency than I seem to be able to manage at the moment.


What was the most exciting and exasperating moment for you in your journey and how have you coped with disappointment?

13) For me the biggest excitement was the release of my first novel, Mordecai’s Ashes, earlier this month. That has been a huge high point for me as a writer. I think the most exasperating part of the process is when my brain just doesn’t want to settle down to write, even though I really do want to get a story, or blog, or book finished. Some people call it writer’s block, but I’m pretty sure it’s just procrastination on my part.


What does success look like to you in this position? What new projects are you working on and when should we be expecting them?

14) For me, success would be building a solid readership, who would enjoy my novels, and would look forward to my blog as a way to learn more about the process of getting those novels to press and to learn inside information on my main characters. Having readers who want to read book two before it comes out, because they enjoyed book one so much, would be a huge deal.


Arlana Crane, what do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

15) Honestly, just the self discipline it requires. There is no boss breathing down my neck if I miss a deadline, I have to keep myself motivated because no one else is going to do it for me. That can be really hard, but the only solution I know of is just to do it, whether I feel like it or not. Sit down and start writing, and see where it takes me.


When and how did you master the courage to share your skill with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received? How do you face the negativity and hate?

16) I have been blessed with a very supportive family and friends group, who have really lifted me up through the creative process and encouraged me, so I have not found this area as difficult as many others do.


How do you manage your social life so it doesn’t get in the way of your personal life?

17) It’s a matter of prioritizing how I will spend my time. I can socialize with friends a couple of evenings a week, and then other evenings I need to sit down and write already! A lot of the time this means avoiding distractions like TV, so that I can find the time to do the things that are most important to me.

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What are some misconceptions people have about being a blogger?

18) I think people imagine that it is much easier to come up with new content consistently than it actually is. Before I started blogging I thought I would have lots of ideas that I wanted to talk about, but when I sit down to write my blog I often feel like I don’t know what to say. Again, I’m much more comfortable with fiction.


What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your blog? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

19) Starting with a supportive group of family and friends definitely helped to get things started. From there I engaged in social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, which allowed me to connect to other writers and to potential readers. In the end, it’s a long process to build up a solid readership, and I’m still working on it.


Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

20) I honestly don’t know if any of these aspects have made a lot of difference to my success, but I do feel that I’ve been very lucky.

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