Brigitteavery is a bilingual wattpad author. most of her books however are written in FRENCH. This is quite diverse on wattpad as most of the stories there are in Engish and I really like that she is taking a chance to share both her work and her culture on an English dominated platform like Wattpad.

She has published three (3) books on the site where she is really activate. she participates in contests by judging.


QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

1- I start my day at 9 a.m because it’s the time I always wake up and I begin with cleaning in the house. I got a preference with property. To prepare myself for a day of work and my morning routine I’m listening firstly for music to get good vibes ! Music accompanies me everywhere.

QUESTION #2: What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

2- I’m not a very strict person but I’m disciplined and organized when I do my duties. I like when everything is rightly placed.

QUESTION #3: How often or how long do you write a day and how does it fit into your schedule?

3- I can write two hours per day. So for it fit my writing into my schedule, I make sure to write only in the night because it’s the best moment to focus for me and that is when I’m really free.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a writer? Are you planning on making it your full time responsibility or a side job?

4- What I love to be a writer is the capacity to create my own world, to show my vision of things and to share it to others. It’s the thing I really like. It’ll just be a full time responsibility for me. I don’t really think I can make it a side job but writing is a part of me and I will make it all my life.

QUESTION #5: How did you discover wattpad and how long have you been using it? What benefits have you derived from it?

5- Oh! I don’t really remember how I discover Wattpad… I think it was by a suggestion from a friend or I saw the application on Playstore when I was searching for another app… I think I’ve been on it for 5 years now ! I subscribed on 2015. The benefits I received are the discovery of very good books because first of all I’m a reader and I like reading, I learned so many things about writing which increased my knowledge, I also met others writers who are very talented and they helped me to discover another world that I didn’t know… Wattpad is a rich application which help me grow in the world of writing.

QUESTION #6: Who is your favorite author and what have you learned from him or her.

6- My favorite author is Stephen King. I’m a big fan of mystery, horror and thriller so I like the universe he makes. I have learned so much things from him like how to write, first, for ourselves and to think about the readers after because it’s our opinion, our own vision which is important first of all; be self confident and stick to our own style… These advices help me all the time when I write.

QUESTION #7: What book of yours would you recommend to a person who hasn’t read your stories before?

7- For the moment I got one book which talks about love between a star and a ambitious girl but it’s in French. I will publish two others books in which one called Secrets Game and it’s that book I can recommend to a person who wants to know my real work. Because my first romance book called “Rencontre avec une star” is not very worked in the writing.

Skyler Foster est une jeune fille attentionnée,volontaire avec un caractère bien trempé.

QUESTION #8: If you were to write a song or poem about yourself, how would you begin it?

8- If I got to write a song or a poem about myself, it will start like this: Brown eyes and long hair, this is what I look like, Sociable and attentive, this is what I am Reading and listening to music, this is what I like to do But just writing is the only greatest part of me I’m not a good lyricist but I think it’s like this I will start to talk about me.

QUESTION #9: What does your writing process look like and what goes into your physical and mental preparations. How do you tune yourself into the writing mode during a writer’s block?

9- For my writing process, I start by writing on a paper then I write it into an application documents to save all my work after I transfer it to Wattpad. I have books for every stories I made. My physical and mental preparations revolves around music. All starts with music. This is how I prepare myself. And for the writing mode, I put myself in determination mode to finish a part. As long as I have not finished completely, I do not give up. Finish the part until the end. This is how I work.

QUESTION #10: What was the worst mistake you made in your writing journey and how will aspiring authors prevent the same from happening to them?

10- The worst mistake I made into a writing journey was to not register my work and Wattpad had delete my chapter. So I had to rewrite everything I had done before. I was really demoralized ! To prevent this, I advise everyone to have an app to save their work in advance so that it will be easier to transfer it to Wattpad and even if your chapters happen to disappear you will always have a saved copy in a safe application. Remember this !

QUESTION #11: What do you look for most in your writing and how do you achieve the results you want? What do you consider the most important in a story?

11- The thing I look for most in my writing is understanding the actions of the characters, placing their emotions and feelings well and highlighting their characters and their personalities. This is the most important to me. For achieve the results I want, I do a list in order on a paper of the scenes I got to make in my stories and I check every time I fill them. Like this it’s very sure to achieve all my goals. The most important in a story for me is the plot and the moral description of the characters to know each character’s own personality.

QUESTION #12: How did you discover and harness your writing skill and develop your own style of writing? How did the whole journey begin?

12- I discover my own style of writing by reading some books which help me to create my style. All started with reading. And for develop it, I arranged it progressively to finally find the style that suits me best. That’s all. My whole journey began like that.

QUESTION #13: What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

13- The most challenging aspect of this job is to capture the attention of the readers all along the story, from the beginning to the end. To demonstrate the feelings of the characters very well and to give the specifics characterization that describe the characters.

And for overcome them, I make sure to introduce tricking scenes which permit to get all the attention of the readers for the one; for the second I take inspiration in my entourage, my friends, people around me… That’s simple. And for the third, I have a method. I write on a paper all the specifics things of each character to do not be lost. Like that, all the characters will be have a specific personality

QUESTION #16: Do you think you have developed professionally and personally through your journey? What can you tell us about it?

16- Yes I think. I perform myself in the writing all along that journey and I retained that I must have no doubts and write really what I like and what I want to be able to move forward.

QUESTION #17: When how did you master the courage to share your work with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received?

I take the courage to share my work with the rest of the world because I wanted to know if what I write can be appreciated by the others, to get advice and find out if my writing is worth it. It was my first motivation to show my work. The first reactions I received were all very positive. People encouraged me to continue to write. It was an exceptional beginning for me.

QUESTION#18: How do you face the negativity and hate?

When I face hateful and negative comments, I don’t consider them if they don’t constructive for me. I take care of the comments which are constructive because I think it’s important to get advices which can be beneficial for the writer and it will help him to increase. I’m not going to insult or get angry. It’s useless.

QUESTION #19: Do you write with songs or you prefer dead silence? If yes, what are your go to writing songs?

19- I write always with songs but just slow songs. Sweets melodies help me to write well.

QUESTION #20: Have you had any issues with people stealing and distributing your work and how did you deal with it?

20- I didn’t have any issues with people stealing and distributing my work. But if I got a problem where I see a people stealing my work I will write him first to stop that and I will report that problem to the Wattpad community. It’s the best thing to do.

QUESTION #21: What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your book? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

21- Honestly, I didn’t use any promotional method or practice to promote my book. I just see that my romance book had a certain success with the young people. I think I just used the good tags to permit to my book to be known. That is the secret !

QUESTION #22: What was the most exasperating experience you have had in your journey?

22- The most exasperating journey I have in my journey is the unfollow ! I don’t know why people come to follow you and days after they unfollow you. It’s very exasperating….

QUESTION #23: Is there a timetable for when you write and what you write? If yes, share some tips on how to make one.

23- No I don’t really have a timetable. I arrange my writing hours just in my head and I fix myself some goals like for example to write three chapters per week. It’s how I do.

QUESTION #24: Where do you see yourself and your work in ten years from now?

24- In ten years, I see my work edited. It’s my dream to have a book which can be recognized by people. And I see myself traveling all over the world to discover all the others culture. That’s my goal !

QUESTION #25: What is the mystery and reason behind your pen name?

25- There’s no really mystery…. brigitte is my real name and avery is just a name I like very much.

QUESTION #26: What sparked you’re the plot of the first book you released and what writing tips can you offer to upcoming authors?

26- It was while i was watching a movie that I got the idea for the plot of my first book. The writing tips I can offer to upcoming authors is to make a file for everything that can constitute the story that we want to put in place. It will help enormously so as not to get lost in ideas and everything will already be well organized. It is a method that I use. It really helps.

QUESTION #27: What was your family’s reaction to your writing success?

27- My family don’t know that I’m writing books. They just see me writing all the time and they ask me questions about it but I dodge them. I dodge them. I will certainly tell them after but I am not ready yet. I prefer to have anonymous opinions to really know what my story is worth instead of having their opinions. There will not be really objectivity.

QUESTION #28: Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

28- Neither luck nor my gender nor ethnicity or race as a helping factor in my success. All the merit comes to my story and I’m proud of that.

QUESTION #29: How do you feel about all the success you have garnered as a writer, Are there any specific people who helped you out and encouraged you on this journey?

29- It’s a pleasure for me to see that my work is appreciated by the others. I’m very glad of it ! Yes there’s some people who encouraged me and I thank them for pushing me to continue.

QUESTION #30: Any advice for the young, doubting or upcoming writer who feels like giving up?

30- The advice I can give is never to give up even if it may appear that our work receives the least interest over the days. We must always persevere because there will be a day when everything will succeed and our work will finally be recognized. Everything never comes at once. In writing it takes a long time to reach the top. And I would say that you have to write for yourself because writing is first and foremost a pleasure for yourself. You should never start copying others because what they write has more success or more views. You must remain humble to yourself. Don’t be discouraged; everything will end up paying off!

We are very delighted that we had the opportunity to conduct an interview with this great writer. It was informative and very encouraging and I hope you learnt something from it.


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