The end of the Kai.

Domenico Italo Composto-Hart is the author behind this amazing piece of work. He goes by the name thelegacycycle on wattpad. This science fiction is the first book of THE DARK LEGACY series.

SETTING: Places that were mentioned in this tale are, Atlantean underworld, Ideo and Atlas city.


As the title suggests, the story informs readers on how the reign of the powerful Kai order comes to an end. This all occurs when a mortal outcast rises to a position of corrupting power.

His thirst to rule the Atlantean Empire drives him to begin a fight with the Kai for the throne. With doubt and lack of faith in the young Oracle Queen, two trusted kai members decide to run away with their forbidden child. A child whose birth has been unprecedented in the history of the Kai.



Andromeda: The young Oracle queen.

Skaton-Ka: High Kai Elder.

Volan: Skaton-Ra’s apprentice.

Arkan: Kai Priest.

Neva Yan Ra: Kai priestess.

Maniok: evil mortal.


Kraigta-droid Cyborgs Aqua Krotraks.

NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: This short story has eight (8) chapters which are quite long.


I really enjoyed reading the story, it was interesting and well written. With every sentence, the writer encourages you to read more and dive themselves into the story.


Although I loved the story, there was one thing that almost set me back. At some point, I could not tell which character I was reading about. This made it quite difficult for me to enjoy the chapter, I had to read that chapter three times.

SUITABLE AGE GROUPS: The story didn’t contain any sex scenes or violence that we do not already see on television, hence it is suitable for all ages.

READING TIME: You will spend an average one hour on this book unless you are an extremely slow reader.


I will gladly give this book [7.5], due to the reasons stated above. It was truly a well written and interesting read.

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