@Chelsea_13 is the amazing writer of this short but warming story. This book focuses on how love can be deceptive. It sheds light on abuse and how love can make one lose themselves. It explains ths power of love.


This beautiful yet devastating love story sheds light on all the wrong decisions a young, innocent and naive Raven made for love.

After falling HOPELESSLY in love with a new boy who just arrived at their school, she disregards her mother, abandons her long time friends, sacrifices her dreams and wants all for a dysfunctional relationship with a bad boy she knew she should have avoided.

When failed promises, jealous hearts and insatiable anger consumes the relationship she gave her future and family for, calling on the people she loved most was the last resort to saving Raven.



Raven Caryle: A young teenager who falls for the wrong guy.

Alex Johnson: The abusive boyfriend of Raven.

Jesse: Raven’s best male friend.

Alyssa: Raven’s bestfriend.

Belle: Raven’s other bestfriend.

Alexandria: The child Raven bore with Alex.


Matt Mr. Lindtt. •Michael.

Number of chapters: Like I said earlier, the story is short with only Nine (9) chapters and no epilogue.

Sex scenes: Fortunately and unfortunately, depends on what you are looking for, there were no sex scenes in the story and no steamy ones either. This is because, its primary goal was to ignite a sense of pity or sorrow.


I loved a lot of things about this story. The first and main one being that the author focused on the issue she was writing about, she didn’t not try to cover up the pain or discomfort by making the story overly sex driven. I see this problem quite often in most wattpad stories.

Secondly, unlike most wattpad stories, the main character didn’t end up with the hot, overly attractive, abuser because of some stupid and unknown reason. She instead found the problem and decided to call for help.

Last but not least, the shift between present and past was spot on. It was not confusing or irritating, it felt organic and the scenes were just right and all what we need to fully understand the story.


Though I loved a lot of things about he story, the bad grammar and poor editing was too much. I am really looking forward to reading it again with no mistakes.

Suitable age groups:

I would reccomend that only ages above eleven (11) should read this story. The subtle violence and pain might be too much for young readers.


Due to how brief the whole story is, you would spend a maximum of One hour reading the book.


I would rate this book [7.5], Based on how simple and easy it was to read and understand. Its grammar and overall plot.

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