It is with great pleasure that I share with you this funny and informative interview. Our guest today is an amazing and successful Wattpad author, who goes by the name thegoldenwolf13. He has six works posted on the platform with four completed ones.

QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

#1: I tend to get up at mid to late morning, and my routine consists of breakfast and sometimes some reading. The most creative time of day in my case is actually nighttime, because I’m lying there, not quite asleep yet, and my creativity kicks in.

QUESTION #2: What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

2#:I’m not terribly strict with myself, although I do sometimes have to say, “All right, you’ve got a book to write, so let’s do this.”

QUESTION #3: How often or how long do you write a day and how does it fit into your schedule?

#3: I try to get at least an hour of writing in, although sometimes it’s hard due to writer’s block and other problems.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a writer? Are you planning on making it your full time responsibility or a side job?

#4: I think my favorite part about writing is the creative process of it and the appeal of story-telling. The magic of bringing something in your head to life is like nothing else in the world. I may make writing my full time job in the future, but it’s just a hobby for now.

QUESTION #5: How did you discover wattpad and how long have you been using it? What benefits have you derived from it?


QUESTION #6: Who is your favorite author and what have you learned from him or her.

#6: Gosh, that’s a hard one. I don’t really have one absolute favorite, although there’s quite a host of them. I learned a lot from Tolkien and Rothfuss, though there are several more

QUESTION #7: What book of yours would you recommend to a person who hasn’t read your stories before?

.#7: I’d recommend the oneshots first. It’s a chance to see what my earlier writing looked like, and you can watch as my style improves, haha.

QUESTION #8: If you were to write a song or poem about yourself, how would you begin it?

#8: I would keep it simple, not delving into anything big right off the bat. If you’ve read all my works, you can tell that’s not my style, but a change never hurts. :

QUESTION #9: What does your writing process look like and what goes into your physical and mental preparations. How do you tune yourself into the writing mode during a writer’s block?

#9: At the moment, my style involves working out what to do ahead of time, and then trying to put it on the page as I want it. It hasn’t always worked, as there are several deleted scenes in all my books, but I try. As I mentioned before, I’m most creative at night, so I often “sleep” on my writer’s block

QUESTION #10: What was the worst mistake you made in your writing journey and how will aspiring authors prevent the same from happening to them?

. #10: Repeating myself. In my trilogy, I typed the same sentence at least three times. What other authors can try is looking for a different or more engaging way of putting what they want to say, or simply omitting something if it doesn’t work.

QUESTION #11: What do you look for most in your writing and how do you achieve the results you want? What do you consider the most important in a story?

#11: I tend to look for an easy flow, but one that doesn’t drag on at the same time. As for how I achieve that, I look through my draft and see what is clogging it up, then change it or cut out the scene. Also, it’s very important to end a story properly. If you leave a gap or cliffhanger, it’ll leave people expecting a sequel where there is none

QUESTION #12: Rank all your books:

i. Your favorite, the one you enjoyed writing.

.My favorite was Ritual.

ii. Most engaging and helpful or likely to win an award.

I’m not sure which of my works is the most engaging to me. That’s up to my readers 😉

iii. The bestselling or most read.

the most read were (surprisingly) my oneshots!

QUESTION #13: Rank all your characters:

i. Your favorite or they one you could possibly have a romantic relationship with?

My favorite is Nialea. I cannot tell you how much I plastered myself onto that girl.

ii. Most irritating and most likely to get killed by you.

Monica and Sephra annoyed me the most. Sephra got what she deserved with the Infection.

iii. The most badass or adventurous.

May, Nialea’s sister, is pretty badass. She’s not a fighter, but she’s got one hell of an attitude to make up for it.

QUESTION #14: What was the most exciting moment for you in your journey and how have you coped with disappointment?

#14: I was really excited when I got my first fanart. Because I can’t draw very well, Nialea’s appearance existed in my mind’s eye only. Seeing the way other artists interpreted her was really big for me. I haven’t been disappointed often. The only time I can really remember was when the first book of my trilogy came up short, and even then I got over it quite quickly.

QUESTION #15: What does success look like to you in look like to you in this position? What new projects are you working on and when should we be expecting them?

#15: For me, success is simply other’s enjoyment of what I make. I haven’t yet gained the courage to write stories completely of my own making, and just being accepted and praised is enough for me. My newest work is a Grimm Troupe fanfic called Scarlet Scorn. I should start writing that again soon, so look forward to it!

QUESTION #16: Do you think you have developed professionally and personally through your journey? What can you tell us about it?

#16: I think I have definitely improved. I wouldn’t say I’m a fully fledged pro yet, but there’s a definite improvement. I think it comes down to “sticking to your guns,” so to speak. I sat it out and I improved.

QUESTION #17: What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

#17: I suppose the biggest challenge is getting noticed in the first place. If my reads climb, I usually don’t panic, but the issue is there.

QUESTION #17: When how did you master the courage to share your work with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received? How do you face the negativity and hate?

#18: I’ve actually written fanfiction before, for a totally different fandom. I’d always wanted to write, and that “practice fandom” helped me have the courage to make stories for Hollow Knight. The reactions to my works have been mostly positive, although there was one comment I was a little hurt by. I just focus on what people like about it.

QUESTION #19: Do you write with songs or you prefer dead silence? If yes, what are your go to writing songs?

#19: I prefer a quiet atmosphere when I write. Song lyrics drown everything else out.

QUESTION #20: Have you had any issues with people stealing and distributing your work and how did you deal with it?

#20: There haven’t been any incidents so far, although I will deal with it if it ever comes up.

QUESTION #21: What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your book? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

#21: Funnily enough, it was patience that got me through. I had written the first book in the trilogy as a fun side project while still focusing on my oneshots. When it started blowing up, I thought, “Okay, let’s do this,” and the Nialea Trilogy was born.

QUESTION #22: What was the most exasperating experience you have had in your journey?

#22: The thing that annoyed and frustrated me the most happened while I was writing Flame. Halfway through, Wattpad decided to delete the entire thing. I was pissed, sure, but I decided to save all my drafts in my Google Documents from then on. It’s never happened again, but I’ll be ready when it does.

QUESTION #23: Is there a timetable for when you write and what you write? If yes, share some tips on how to make one.

#23: I don’t have a timetable, although I suppose I should make one, haha.

QUESTION #24: Where do you see yourself and your work in ten years from now?

#24: I’ve had… lots of fantasies. One time, I dreamed that Nialea’s story had gotten through to Team Cherry and they’d made a new content pack about it. Apart from little indulgences, however, I haven’t thought much about the future.

QUESTION #25: What is the mystery and reason behind your pen name?

#25: The reason for my pen name is quite simple, actually. My brother used to play Zelda: Twilight Princess, and wolves quickly became my favorite animal. Gold was my favorite color, and my pen name was born.

QUESTION #26: What sparked you’re the plot of the first book you released and what writing tips can you offer to upcoming authors?

#26: Nialea’s story had been floating around for a while, but I never cleaned it up enough to feel very good about it. A oneshot made by another author was what inspired it at first, and I was constantly picking up new details. I would say that keeping true to your original idea would help a lot, but don’t be afraid to make new things if you want to.

QUESTION #27: What was your family’s reaction to your writing success?

#27: Very positive! My mother was a real help. I let her read through what I felt good about, and sometimes asked her advice. My dad hasn’t read it, although he thinks it’s a good idea too. Sadly, my brother couldn’t care less.

QUESTION #28: Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

#28: I am a very privileged person, but it was luck that helped. I’ve tried to keep myself as anonymous as possible to avoid bias in my reviews.

QUESTION #29: How do you feel about all the success you have garnered as a writer, Are there any specific people who helped you out and encouraged you on this journey?

#29: I feel pretty good about what I’ve achieved! There are a lot of people whose support I’ve appreciated, and quite a few friends have helped.

QUESTION #30: Any advice for the young, doubting or upcoming writer who feels like giving up?

#30: Take a good, hard look at your story and see if you can do anything to improve it. Often just a simple review can help a lot. And if you don’t feel good about it, just let it go and try something else. I garuntee it’ll turn out better than the last.

We are very honoured to have interviewed such an amazing writer. Don’t forget to checkout his books on wattpad.

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