This short yet exhilarating story was written by SHE WRITES also called Chisom Ronald. It is a completed and published fully on the wattpad app with thousands of reads and votes as well.


It begins as a recount of how shitty the main characters life was. from her parents to herself, they all had their own problems and differences. after her mother had gone through a total of three marraiges and decided to settle when she gets pregnant, they move to Atlanta.

You would think it was God giving her a fresh start at life again. With her mom and her short marriages out of her way and mind, she just focuses on finding her true crash. But finding she did indeed, it was just the keeping part that got a bit scratchy.

with the encouragement of her mom and strong disapproval of her dad and brother, she is made to marry the man of her dreams after she gets pregnant with him. they quickly move from inseparable teen parents to a distant family that shared the same house. will the marriage she wanted so bad make it out of this death sentence or will she rekindle the dying dreams with the man she cant quite forget.




Sandy: she is the main character.

Henry Wallace: The notorious ex husband of the main character.

Andrew: the elder brother of the main character.

Howard: The second half brother of the main character.

Anastasia: Henry’s mother.

Alice: Henry’s sister.

Jesse: Sandy’s bestfriend.


•Lance Elliot. •Max Anderson. •Will Mcfaroll. •Loraine •Ryan

SETTING: The story was set in Atlanta, Georgia.

NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: There are twelve chapters, that includes the prologue.

Estimated reading time:

Due to how short the story is, you would spend an estimated three hours reading it.

Sex scenes: There were no sex scenes but there were steamy ones.


I liked how simple it was to read. There characters weren’t overly dramatic or problematic either. All in all it was a great story with almost no grammatical errors.


As I have said earlier the story was great except for how short it was. I would have loved to know the characters and get to decide whom I should be tripping over. I hope a season two is on it’s way.

Suitable age groups:

Due to the simple nature of the story, anyone above the age of eleven is allowed to read it.


I would gladly award the book [8.5].

It was a good and amazing read, very enjoyable and straightforward. Amazing characters whom we could have known better but still they were lovable.

If you are looking for a short, not too cringy and absolutely charming love story to read, then this story is definitely the one for you.


Wattpad story: Lovingly divorced.

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