She writes is a very good author on the wattpad platform. She has thirteen published stories and more amazing stories to produce. She has the power to keep readers glued to her story and her presence on the site is very noticeable. because of her amazing talent and skills as a writer, we invited her for an interview which she gladly accepted.

QUESTION #1: When and how do you start your day? What do you do to prepare yourself for a day of work and your morning routine?

I’m not a morning person so when I wake up I can stay in bed for an extra 30mins or hour before getting up lol. But I usually like to clean up my environment and shower before preparing for work or school, depends on the day. I try to read an inspiring quote every morning either from the Bible or quote apps as well to get me started and energized.

QUESTION #2: What do the day-to-day responsibilities look like to you, would you consider yourself strict or disciplined when it comes to do your duties?

If I’m being honest, I’m not very strict with myself and things I have to do sometimes. I’m a huge procrastinator and this affects somethings I do negatively but I’m trying to be better these days. There are, however, somethings I don’t play with lol. Like my studies.

QUESTION #3: How often or how long do you write a day and how does it fit into your schedule?

I write at least 30 minutes a day. Right now, I have a lot of uncompleted works and the problem is I have yet to figure out their plot. So these days I’m either actually writing, or figuring out the plot of one of my published works, and even coming up with more for future works cause my mind does not stop! I try to write whenever I’m free, I don’t have a specific time but sometimes I try to be struck with myself and give myself a deadline for when a chapter should be written, edited and posted.

QUESTION #4: What is your favorite part about being a writer? Are you planning on making it your full time responsibility or a side job?

I love everything about it. Being able to come up with crazy ideas, being able to write on issues that people consider taboos because really writing gives people a voice. Being able to be free and expressive on things I don’t do. I’m kind of an introvert as I can’t help it, I like to play it safe. Sometimes I wish I were more adventurous, I wish I take more risks, but since I don’t in my real life, I do in my books. And no, I don’t plan on making writing a full time job. I would love to, but I don’t think I can. So for now it’ll just be something I do on the side because I’m passionate about it.

QUESTION #5: How did you discover wattpad and how long have you been using it? What benefits have you derived from it?

I’ve been using wattpad for 4 years and I discovered it from my sisters. Contrary to how old a person who has read my works would think I am, I’m actually a teenager. 4 years ago I had to secretly join wattpad cause my sisters seemed to think that it…wasn’t for my age. But I have always loved books so I joined this app regardless and they didn’t know. Wattpad has given me a wide frame platform to freely express myself through writing, and to offload all the many ideas in my head. It has also given me the opportunity to read hundreds of amazing books. I used to read at least 5 books a week on this app, but these days I’m more occupied with writing. It’s also given me an opportunity to meet some really amazing people, both readers and fellow writers like myself.

QUESTION #6: Who is your favorite author and what have you learned from him or her.

My favorite author has to be J.K Rowling. I absolutely love and adore the Harry Potter series. It was one of the first books I ever read. I remember picking-Up the hard copy from a friend and I was like damn, this is huge. I finished it in two days though, I was HOOKED! Afterwards I was like, I want to do this. I want to be able to write one day, in such a way that a person won’t be able to let the book down.

They will not want to stop cause my work has captured their attention. I loved it. Aside from her literary works, J.K Rowling as an individual, from her life story, has taught me that no matter what life throws at you, it can be overcome. Nothing lasts for ever. And life is all about the choices you make. You can either give up now, and possibly regret it later, or keep on working, keep writing and it’ll pay off eventually. This really helped me


QUESTION #7: What book of yours would you recommend to anyone who hasn’t read or discovered your work?

I would recommend Ada. It’s my recent work that will soon be completed. I put a lot into that story to try and tell it right. There are a lot of societal issues that people, Nigerians especially, consider a big deal or a taboo but it shouldn’t be so. I won’t divulge too much on what it’s about, I would just advice people to read it.

QUESTION #8: If you were to write a song or poem about yourself, how would you begin it?

I’m not a good poet lol, although I dabble once in a while. I think I’ll begin with asking myself “What do I seek out of life?…”

QUESTION #9: What does your writing process look like and what goes into your physical and mental preparations. How do you tune yourself into the writing mode during a writer’s block?

I watch a lot of movies and I listen to music, a lot! And I need the music playing on a speaker to really feel it, lol. So if I’m experiencing writer’s block, that’s what I do. I play music or I watch a movie. Often times, my books are inspired from movies I’ve seen that really left a mark. So during the writing of that book, I can re-watch that movie, or some specific scenes, at least 10 times just to keep reminding myself what motivated me to write the book.

Sometimes, I even read before writing. Just to get in the mood. I hate noise when writing, so I make sure that I’m alone and it in a noiseless environment. I may be listening to music before writing but as soon as I’m ready, I turn it off cause even the slightest sounds can distract me. I like to feel like I’m the one acting out what I’m writing and-Literally anything can distract me cause I have a very fragile attention span.

QUESTION #10: What was the worst mistake you made in your writing journey and how will aspiring authors prevent the same from happening to them?

Jumping head first into a book without thinking out the plot ‘PROPERLY’. Emphasis on properly cause just saying I want this to happen and I want that to happen isn’t going to cut it. You have to think extensively. When I start writing, I like to do a character log for the main characters in my books.

I make them human by writing out literally everything about them; their looks, their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies, their aspirations, their past, their strengths and positive traits, their weaknesses and negative traits, the whole works. It helps me personalize my characters and it’s something I advise writers to do first.

QUESTION #11: What do you look for most in your writing and how do you achieve the results you want? What do you consider the most important in a story?

Originality. I know that these days, a lot of book ideas are recycled, but regardless, I try as much as possible to write something that is almost considered original, one of its kind. I think it’s very important to have relatable characters. Characters that remind the reader of someone, characters that make the readers smile and get vexed in almost equal amounts cause that’s how humans are. Not someone out of this world or perfect.

QUESTION #12: Rank all your books:

i. Your favorite, the one you enjoyed writing.

The Mafia Man’s model (although it’s yet to be published. I want to complete it in my drafts first but it always has me so excited to write.)

ii. Most engaging and helpful or likely to win an award.


iii. The bestselling or most read.

Lovingly Divorced

QUESTION #13: Rank all your characters:

i. Your favorite or they one you could possibly have a romantic relationship with?

tough one!’ Has to be between Terrence Ross from Cocky, and Remi Adenuga from Loving You.

ii. Most irritating and most likely to get killed by you.

Cameron Collins in Handsome Liar.

iii. The most badass or adventurous.

Raven McLauren from The Chronicles: Raven.

QUESTION #14: What was the most exciting moment for you in your journey and how have you coped with disappointment?

The most exciting moments would have to be seeing people give me reviews on my book. Honestly it warms my heart so much, ‘like me? Me that I’m overly playful and really annoying can get it together enough to write something that people enjoy?’ It’s a wow moment for me. And whenever I’m disappointed, I really just remind myself why I write. I write to get it out of my head, to feel good, to feel free, to do what I have a passion for, And I tell myself that nothing lasts forever. I may not be recognized today but if I keep working hard, I will be tomorrow.

QUESTION #15: What does success look like to you in this position? What new projects are you working on and when should we be expecting them?

To me success is having a good amount of genuine readers. Readers who consistently read my works, and acknowledge and appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into writing a good book. I’m currently working on about 3 projects but the one to be expected soon is The Mafia Man’s Model. I hope and have a strong feeling that people will love it.

QUESTION #16: Do you think you have developed professionally and personally through your journey? What can you tell us about it?

I do think so actually. In my real life, I see things a lot more maturely. I read a lot of mature book, with mature characters and this has helped to shape my thinking. Sometimes I feel like if I wasn’t a writer and reader, I would be ‘hella’ immature lol. That’s really how I feel.

QUESTION #17: What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job and how do you overcome them?

Being original. Especially as a Romance writer, being original is hard. But I try to think outside the box. Like I said, I watch a lot of movies and listen to music a lot so I like to combine several different ideas that they might give me into one piece of literature. This really helps.

QUESTION #18: When and how did you master the courage to share your work with the rest of the world and what were the first reactions you received? How do you face the negativity and hate?

When it comes to writing, I have this ‘just do it’ mentality. Although I sometimes get really nervous to publish something I’ve been working on for a while, I like to just tell myself to just do it. Hate reviews and all won’t kill me. They only make me a better writer. I don’t take it to heart. I notice a lot that when I write on something, at first the comments may be negative for like the first few chapters. But eventually I notice people become more understanding towards the characters, more open minded, they begin to appreciate it. And that’s what I love about stories. I love a good slow burn… but not too slow please. So most times, I expect and anticipate negative reactions cause they have to come before the positive ones.

QUESTION #19: Do you write with songs or you prefer dead silence? If yes, what are your go to writing songs?

I listen to music before writing and stop it as soon as I begin. My go to songs depend on the book I’m writing, Nigerian or American themed? But if I’m tryna be neutral in music, I just play Lana Del Rey. Her voice calms me down and puts me in a writing mood more often than not.

QUESTION #20: Have you had any issues with people stealing and distributing your work and how did you deal with it?

Thankfully, no I haven’t.

QUESTION #21: What promotional method or practices did you use to promote your book? Which ones did you find the most useful? How did you get so many people interested in your work?

I really just post it on my message board. And I noticed that a lot of the people who follow me do so because they actually have read and enjoyed at least one of my book, so I feel like this makes promoting easier cause they are always looking out to see when I’ll do something new even if it’s just to update a chapter of an ongoing book. So my message board is very active with both book promotions, and relatable conversations with my followers. And I’m a very nice person. I don’t believe in being catty or rude to people you don’t know over the internet. So if a person messages me and I’m nice to them, they are more likely to be intrigued and check out my work. A few times, I may post on a few people’s message boards to check out my works. I try to be very polite as well cause these people really don’t have to. They are doing me a favor. And I try to reply messages too. I’m happy to receive them and people are pleasantly surprised when I reply, I noticed lol.

QUESTION #22: What was the most exasperating experience you have had in your journey?

There was a period where for several weeks I couldn’t write any single thing. Nothing was helping. The writers block was getting the best of me. I wanted to write so, so badly but the words weren’t just coming. I felt like I was trapped in a paralyzed body.

QUESTION #23: Is there a timetable for when you write and what you write? If yes, share some tips on how to make one.

No, not really. If I don’t already know what I’m in the mood to work on, I scroll through my works. Something will eventually appeal to me and I’ll go to that cause I know that it’s only then that the words will flow naturally.

QUESTION #24: Where do you see yourself and your work in ten years from now?

I see myself being verified on wattpad and having at least one work with over half a million reads. I pray this happens!

QUESTION #25 How did you discover and harness your writing skill and develop your own style of writing? How did the whole journey begin?

My first book on here was Cocky. That book was just me testing the waters on my writing style and that much is obvious to any reader. I wrote a couple of unpublished books as well just go get a feel of this writing thing cause although I joined here 4 years ago, I only began writing in 2018. It took a while before I got a hang of things. I read a lot of hooks as well cause this helped me to mature as a writer. I also had to find my niche.

What did I enjoy writing about? What came more freely to me? This made me test waters a lot. I wrote a lot of genres: Romance, fantasy, vampire, general fiction and all. I’ve never written teen fiction though cause even though I’m a teenager, I really don’t know how to write them lol. I’ve always had a mature mind, I guess. When I started writing Cocky, I didn’t gain a lot of recognition and this really made me down. But I didn’t want to stop writing.

I, however, became really self conscious about my work cause I felt like I was putting out good enough content which was why people weren’t reading cause for me, it’s the reads that make me keep writing. Reads, votes and comments. But I had to force myself to keep going with the belief that people will eventually notice and appreciate my works, and soon enough, when I started writing Lovingly Divorced, they did!

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QUESTION #26: What sparked you’re the plot of the first book you released and what writing tips can you offer to upcoming authors?

Well my first book is about an interracial couple, both of whom are stinking rich but one is lying to the other about who he really is and the extent of his wealth. Now, personally, I like money. Who doesn’t though? Lol. So I knew I wanted a rich guy, but I also wanted a rich girl. I now thought, what if the girl doesn’t know that the guy is rich too. Then I thought, okay, how I’ll that work?

Eventually I came up with the idea of the guy being an escort from one of my best book series ever Calendar Girl by Audrey Carlan. In the book, the leading female was an escort. Anyway so I decided the guy will be an escort and their relationship will initially be based off a lie. And from there I began adding more into the plot till it became Cocky. I advise authors to write about what interests them. Don’t write far fetched ideas just cause you see it’s what’s getting the most read on Wattpad, no. Write what you are interested in, what you are passionate about because only then will your work truly be authentic in all sense of the word.

QUESTION #27: What was your family’s reaction to your writing success?

Up until recently, only one of my sisters aware that I write. And she doesn’t like reading (I have 3 sisters) unlike the other two. So she doesn’t read any of my works, but I’m closest to her so anytime my work passes a goal and I’m excited I share it with her and she never fails to hype me up lol. I remember giving her the Prologue draft of an upcoming book of mine Borders and she kept pestering me to send her the first chapter cause her loved it. I was so happy!

QUESTION #28: Do you ever consider luck, your gender, ethnicity or race as a helping factor in your success?

Not really. I’m Nigerian but I have written books with Americans, African-Americans, and Nigerians too playing the role of lead character so no, I don’t think so.

QUESTION #29: How do you feel about all the success you have garnered as a writer, Are there any specific people who helped you out and encouraged you on this journey?

I feel honored really. I refresh my wattpad notifications regularly just to see who’s commenting on my works cause I love seeing people’s comments and feedback. A year ago, I almost stopped writing cause I was disappointed from the lack of attention my works were getting but now, I’m so glad I didn’t stop.

QUESTION #30: Any advice for the young, doubting or upcoming writer who feels like giving up?

Don’t give up! Publish that book in your drafts! Publish that new chapter! Even if you have only 10 loyal readers, be grateful because you need to learn to appreciate the few in preparation for the many, you will get there!


A. What do you think about the work we do here on The Chronicalist and how do you think others can benefit from it.

The work you do is amazing honestly and deserves all the recognition possible. A lot of writers today a lacking the needed motivation and I think The Chronicalist will go a long way in helping encourage more people to become writers in the long run.

B. Are you willing to work with us on more projects in the future?

Definitely, I’ll be honored to.

C. What are your thoughts on ‘The Book Givers’ organization and where do you see it in the near future.

The organization is definitely going to grow big because not many people put that much effort into giving in the literary sector. There are loads of people who love to read but have no books and people can’t spend every day and minute of their time in a physical library just cause they want to read so doing this, bringing the book to them, is just amazing and it deserves all the support it can get to make this work.

This was an amazing interview, you are very inspiring and your answers have been genuine and really heartfelt. We hope to work with you again. thank you.


We are very happy for the opportunity to have her as one of the first writers we interviewed. Her work is brilliant and we will keep on supporting her every step of the way. It was an honor having her here.


INSTAGRAM: chisom._o

WATTPAD: She writes.

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