Being a book lover and an activist for EQUALITY in EDUCATION, I am always happy to see that libraries are embraced and sought after like any other thing. The total amount of libraries on this planet are 2.6 million.

Libraries help to educate both the young and the old, and it should be a very common necessity for every one in every corner of the world.


7. Antarctica:

It is Earth‘s southernmost continent. It contains the geographic South Pole and is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is completely understandable that it has No library. Who will even read it?


6. Australia / Oceania:

This continent has an estimated 14,380 libraries across a land area of 8,525,989 square kilometres and a population of over 41 million. It consists of 4 geographical regions and they are  AustralasiaMelanesiaMicronesia and Polynesia. There are 14 countries in this continent, that means, every country may have an estimated 1,027 Libraries.

5. Africa:

This huge continent at about 30.3 million km2 has an estimated 110,783 libraries. Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, after Asia. It covers 6% of Earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area with 1.3 billion people as of 2018. There 54 countries on this huge continent, that means, every country may have an estimated 2,051 libraries.

4. Northern America:

This vast continent has just 129,124 libraries. It covers an area of 24,709,000 km2 with a population of 579,024,000. There are 23 countries in this region of the world, that means, every country may have an estimated 5,614 libraries.

3. Latin America/ South America:

It comes in at number 3 with only 146,439 libraries. It covers a wide area of 20,111,457 km2 with 20 countries. It has a population of 642,216,682 people. That means, every country may have an estimated 7,321 libraries.

2. Europe:

This continent has only 299,919 libraries. This continent covers an area of 10,180,000 km2 with a large population of 746,419,440 people. There are 50 sovereign states in this continent, that means, every country may have an estimated 5, 998 libraries.

1. Asia:

This continent solidifies its place as number one with a remarkable 1. 9 million libraries. It is Earth’s largest and most populous continent. Asia covers an area of 44,579,000 square kilometres, about 30% of Earth’s total land area and 8.7% of the Earth’s total surface area.

Its 4.5 billion people constitute roughly 60% of the world’s population. The continent, which has long been home to the majority of the human population,was the site of many of the first civilizations. There are 55 states in this continent, that means, every country may have an estimated 34,545 libraries.

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What role do you think libraries have played in the development of these continents?

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