This interesting novel was written by a brilliant wattpad and Dreame writer. She goes by the name Ginika Meade on and Critically Intense on .


This beautiful love story has its first five published in and the remaining on

It all begins when a tired Lana was returning back home from a hard and annoying day of clothes dilivery.

She bumps into an oddly familiar boy about her age, who was suffering from a panic attack. She tries her absolute best and helps him out of that state.

Upon reaching home, she soon noticed the phone she carried along wasn’t hers!! She switches it on and digs for information, and yes both phones had no lock on them, I am shocked as well.

With her phone in the custody of a stranger and his in her custody, they are bound to find out secrets and fears. Would they ever be just strangers or would their unlikely relationship go beyond that?



Lana Huang: A young Korean-American living a simple an anonymous life.

Kurt owens: He is a a typical jock, hot, cool and tough demeanour, or at least that’s what everyone thinks.

Beverly Rhodes: She is Lana’s bestfriend.


Suzy Huang. Felicia Monte

Ruth Robin Owen

Huang Yeon Jae. • Uncle Darius.

Number of chapters: There are forty five chapters in this novel.


The story is simple and easy to read. It is funny and every chapter gloss you to it.


Although the writing style is unique and varies from other writers, the plot of the story is strikingly familiar to a lot of romantic stories I have read on these sites.

SEX SCENES: This story contained no sex scenes just steamy ones.


I would suggest that only peopl who are thirteen and above read this book for the reasons stayed above.


This book would receive

[7.5]. This is because it was funny and interesting even though it was quite similar to other books.

Don’t hesitate to check out this book, just click on the link below:

Beyond Strangers.

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