This romantic story was written by yet another Wattpad writer who goes by the name Wreathed.


This lovely novel narrates the high school love triangle between Hazel, Logan and Tristan.

It all begins when Hazel arrives at the  boarding school which she would at. She is surprised to find out that her best friend and longtime crush was also a student.

In this school, boys and girls were allowed to be sleeping mates, I was shocked as well. She is assigned to a room she would share with one Logan.

Soon, she realizes that she had a feelings for both Logan and Tristan and they both liked her as well. In order to find who she truly loved, both boys are put to a relationship status defining test.

Would she find her true love or would they all end up hurt along the way?

To find out, click on the link below: Sink with me

SETTING: Simon’s Collins high school and Nevada.



HAZEL CAMPBELL: She is the female lead, the girl both boys are fighting for

Logan Chandler: He is the first male lead and Hazel’s roommate.

Tristan Clark: He is the second male lead and Hazel’s bestfriend. He is also trying to win over his heart.

Harold Campbell: He is Hazel’s twin brother.

Emma: she is Hazel’s female bestie.

Rhea: she is a senior in their dorm. She suggested the love test for the trio.


Athena Ethan •Delilah

Number of chapters: There are 21 chapters and two sequels.


It is interesting and easy to read. I liked how they were straightforward with their feelings.

Suitable age groups: Any one can read this book, there are no sexy or steamy scenes and curse words were minimum.

READING TIME: Considering the long chapters, the amount of time spent reading would be estimated at 7 hours unless you are a slow reader, it would be around 11 hours.


I would give this book a solid

[6.8]. The plot and writing was excellent and easy to read.

Don’t forget to check it out.


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