This romance novel was brought to life by the incredible author who goes by the name Cammi Kenny on wattpad.


Brielle is a young teenager who just lost her mother. She moves to a new town to live with her aunt and cousin. She is fully prepared to start her new life.

On the first day of school, she noticed the separation of people into smaller groups. Contrary to her observation, a loner boy who was quite and antisocial stood all by himself. No one dared to get close to him, no one except Brielle.

She made it her goal to befriend this loner. Trying to bring some joy and happiness to his sullen being, she is unprepared to find the true reason behind his cold demeanor.



Brielle Clark: she is a the main character, trying to spread joy where there isn’t.

Faye Clark: she is the cousin of the main character.

Harper Walton: A friend she made in her new school.

Margaret: Another friend.

Matthew Preston: He is the the male lead character. Depressed by a fatal accident he encountered, he turns to deadly resort for comfort.

Jackson Madden: He is the head of the football team.

Crystal Linden: she is the long lost aunt of the main character.

Miriam Clark: Brielle’s aunt.


Gemma FrierTaylor Preston Coach Keneth •Anthony Walton •Summers Preston •Eric Preston •Brendan Towers

Number of chapters: This book has Twenty five chapters including and Epilogue and a bonus chapter.

Sex scenes: There weren’t any sexy or steamy scenes.


I loved how short and well written the story was. What I love the most is the fact that the female character isn’t the typical Wattpad woman, kudos for that.

Dislikes: All though I liked the book, there were something I didn’t like. That is, I thought the dialogue was a bit weak and not very captivating.

Suitable age groups: This is a kind of story everyone can read. Unless you dispise romance or anything idyllic.

Reading time: You can spend roughly five hours in a day to finish reading the book, unless you are an extremely slow reader.


Based on the observations I have made up there, I would award this book a

[5.7] Rating.

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