Season 1: The tainted blade.

This diegesis is written by the very brilliant Oliver D. King. This is the first season among many.


This is short, eventful and action packed story that recounts the beginning of a legendary character by the name Zelda.

It all begins with one of the very frequent attack from the monsters that exist in this book. But this ambush isn’t like any they have witnessed.

Moments after the acute siting of this monster, it is found dead. The protagonist here is charged with the responsibility of retrieving any precious thing the monster had with him.

Along with precious gems and old coins that have long been out of use, he finds something deadly yet wanted. This piece of metal was renowned throughout this fictional world.

His decides to keep it without knowing the harm that may come along with.


Zelda: He is the main character, he I named after the famous Queen Zelda.

Gramor: He is the father of the main character.

Adara Cruza: she is the head of the soldiers that serve the royals at Hyrule Castle.

King Endrick: He is the ruler of the people in Hyrule.


Temer •Jai •Reaso •Dasan •Carra


Rangtar: According to the story, he is part of a race of monsters known as Lynels.

Calamity Ganon: It wasn’t stated if it was a monster or a human, but I am just going to assume it was a monster since humans can’t cause the amount of damage he supposedly caused.


Hinoxs Octoroks Gyrog Lynels

SETTINGS: The story took place in fictionalised places like Port Lurelin, Torne and Hyrule.

Number of Episodes: there are 11 episodes in this season.

Likes: I honestly loved this book, it was well written and the build up of the storyline was well constructed. The writer constantly kept the reader intrigued.

Awards: This amazing story has won the 2018 Wattys award.

Suitable age groups: This story is suitable for all age groups, there were no sex scenes or scary lines. Unless you are against stories that depict a worldof darkness, this book is definitely for you.


This book would be receiving

[8.5]. This is because it was interesting, it compels its readers to keep on flipping to the next chapter.

If you would like to check it out, click on the link below. When you are done reading, be sure to come back and share you views I the comments section below.

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