This romantic novel was written by another wattpad star by the name Briella Diamond.


This story showcases the life of a young teenager in her final year. She moves to a new town to start her life all over again, in hopes that she may forget about her past problems and move on with her life.

On her first day at school, she made friends with two girls and she couldn’t be more happier. Unfortunately for her, fate was not on her side that day, someone bumps into her and spills his drink all over her.

She was taking none of it and confronted him. Just when she thought it was over, mother destiny pulled out her last lethal and life changing card.

SETTING: She moved from Boston to California.



Crystal Summers: she is the main character. She went through a lot and all she wants is to forget and move on.

Paige Summers: she is Crystal’s mother.

Ashton Monreo: Hottest and meanest guy in the school, but when the right person came along, his cold front was completely melted.

Kevin: He is funny, stupid and hot.

Eli Parker: Rich, hot and caught up in a love triangle.

Scarlett: she is the first to befriend Crystal at her new school.

Savannah: she is Scarlett’s friend who later becomes Crystal’s friend as well.

George: My least favourite person in the stor, *he will be yours too. Let’s just say he committed some unholy sin.


Justin                       Layla Monreo Jake Monreo

Number of chapters: there are fifty really interesting chapters and an Epilogue.

Sex scenes: There were no sex scenes but as always, there were steamy ones.


This book was really good, well written. It was packed with humour and adventures as well.


Apart from the constant cliche wattpad scenes, I disliked nothing. Except you are a sucker for cliche, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Suitable age groups: This book would be most suitable for audiences above the age of 15. This is due to the high amounts of profanity in almost every chapter.


[7.5] Would be a very suitable rating for this book. As I have said earlier, it was an amazing and funny book, a little cliche and cringeworthy moments but, it was a good read.


You can spend an estimated 9 hours reading this book. The highest time you can spend would probably be a whole day.

Don’t miss out on this book, click the link below and enjoy your afternoon.


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