This is a well written novel written by Nicole, under the pseudonym of ‘Jndixon2′.


The story kicks off when Beverley is bribed by her sister, Aimee, to take care of her nieces while Aimee travels to Japan. Beverley who hasn’t taken care of children before is lost with what to do.

Her sister signs her up to join the PTO of the school where she meets Barb who helps her to take care of her nieces.

She also meets a control freak mother by the name Karen who thinks she owns the PTO. Bev decides to take her down when one of her nieces gets expelled from school for one day.
Karen tries to piss her off by assigning her to help a teacher in a very chaotic class. She runs away and ends up in the class of one Mr. Finn.

With her new found friends and nieces, she takes the opportunity to rebuild her failing life.



Beverley Curie: she is the protagonist of the story. Through the story, we are able to watch her transformation into a better person.

Aimee Curie: She is Beverley’s eldest sister. She leaves her three children in the care of the protagonist.

Sacha: she is the main characters best friend.

Eloise: eldest niece.

Jemma: Second niece.

Dusty: last niece.

Miss. Suzzy: owner of the shop she works in (Red Ribbons).

Calvin: Aimee’s ex husband.

Isla Barber: Owner of Isla’s coffee shop.

Mr. Finn: The art teacher at the girls new school.


Mrs. Baxter StevenKaren Barb John Maverick.


This lovely story was based in Chestnut Ridge, a small town I Massachusetts.

NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: There are Thirty four chapters in this book.

SEX SCENES: There are no sex scenes present in the story.

DISLIKES: Along the line, I started to get pissed off by how rude she was all the time. Luckily, all that changed.

LIKES: Apart from the issue stated above, the book was a lovely book.


I would give this book a solid



This book is suitable for people of all ages. There wasn’t any violence or vulgarity in the book.

Just check out the book:


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