This is a short novel but intriguing Christmas novel written by a well known and talented novelist by the name Mara Oudens. Her pseudonym is MOUDENESS.


This romance novel showcases the live of Callie who has not been really successful in the dating scene or in life as a whole -this, though, depends on what you consider success.

She is a twenty seven year old plus sized human, like most of the world, who hasn’t been able to figure out what she really wants to do in life or how to keep a job.

But this Christmas is different, she finds a job at a mall as a gift wrapper which she enjoys. She makes new friends and might even get lucky enough to secure herself a boyfriend during the best holiday of the year.



Callie: she is the main character in whose point of view the story is written.

Daniel: he is Callie’s brother and favourite sibling.

Evelyn/ Evy: she is Callie’s eldest sister. She is a lawyer with two children.

Brett Palms: he is part of the maintenance crew at the mall. He and Callie become very close.

Mom: she is Callie’s Mother.

Dad: he is Callie’s dad. He is also called Duncan.

Filipa: she is Callie’s workmate at the mall and they become close friends.

Laura: she is their neighbor. She also works at the mall and becomes friends with Callie.

Carlos: He is Laura’s brother who also becomes friends with Callie.





Sander Palms & Betty Palms.

Brenda & Paul

Blaine & Logan

Kevin/ K-ink


Aria & Jack


Number of chapters: there are only twenty seven chapters in this book.

Sex scenes: There were no sex scenes or steamy ones either.

Likes: i love the fact that after she figures out all the secrets, she doesn’t just marry him and throw all her plans and career away, like in most novels.

Dislikes: the chapters were to short. I would have really enjoyed getting to know about their life after marriage and so on.


Overall, the book was a good one. It had you glued to every chapter and very little grammatical errors, that is a plus too. Hence, I am awarding this book, drum roll please:


Suitable age groups:

I would suggest this book to readers of all ages, there was no violence or foul words. No inappropriate scenes were recorded so it is really good.

All in all, the book was amazing, or else I would have said so, if you want to check it out just click on the link below:

Have a lovely read, goodbye.


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