‘This is a teen fiction novel written by a very brilliant wattpad author by the name Michael Estrin.’


As the title suggests, the very intriguing novel is about a young teenage boy called Peter and his very unfortunate high school experience which not only gave him confidence about his body but also helped him to accept himself.

So, Peter has a really little Peter, the thing that dangles between the thighs of most men, you know what I mean, and he is shy and ashamed of it.

This novel covers his journey to try and change the unchangeable, his little peter. He gets a message from a boy, in his school, after he was pantsed in front of the entire school, claiming he can help him get a bigger, peter.

He agrees to be used as a test subject because he was desperate for a bigger,peter. First of all, his new crush is a size queen who was expelled from school for collecting dick pics. He so desperately wants to please her and have a bigger penis, he risked not having one at all.

So, the story goes on and on, but ofcourse you don’t want me to spoil it for you so check it out, on Wattpad.

SETTING: A suburb outside Houston, his school, his home and John Wayne High school.



Peter: Main character of the story, he is funny, geeky and loves star wars or star trek, I don’t know the difference, but he hates his Peter.

Elroy: He is one of the brilliant students at school and offered to give peter a bigger Peter.

Audrey: she is Peter’s new girlfriend or crush, she was expelled for collecting dick pics. Everyone believes she is a size queen, maybe they are wrong.

Becky Spade: she is a mean girl, she hyped everyone one up and caused a series of events that got poor Peter pantsed in school. She and her entourage started a hashtag and promoted Peter’s little Peter on social media.

Nick Spears: He is a very mean Jock and a bully. He pantsed Peter in front of the whole school and made mockery of his manhood.

Coach Krieger: he is the football coach and sex education teacher. He was blamed by Peter for teaming him up with Becky and giving him a small banner during a lesson on how to put on a condom.

Judy: Elroy’s medical student sister. She saved Peter’s little Peter from seizing to exist.

Principal Boone: the Principal of their high school, really annoying.


Thor: one of the bullies who peen was also released.

Danny sutton: a jock and bully. His peen was released too.

Brenda: one of the smart kids and also Elroy’s friend.

George: also a smartie plus he is Elroy’s on and off boyfriend.

NUMBER OF CHAPTERS: there are only twenty nine chapters, which is a little sad because it was really interesting.

Sex scenes: there are no sex scenes in it, but there are steamy ones.


I didn’t like the book, I loved it. It was well written, all the scenes were valid and led to something. The dialogues were informative and funny. This book must get more than one award.


No matter how much you like something, there is always going to be an aspect you wished was changed or improved and here is mine.

I hated the fact that their principal was stupid and biased. I also dislike how short the book was. I am itching to read more!


Overall, the book was amazing. Barely saw any grammatical error and the character were interesting and lovable. Hence I am giving this book…

[ 8.5]


I would suggest people older than 14 years to read this book. It is about penises, bullying and high school so if you don’t want any of these then, try your luck with another

AWARDS: Peter’s little Peter rightfully won the Watty’s Awards, 2019 edition on wattpad.

It is a really amazing book plus it is free. Check it out:https://my.w.tt/0XJpn6n375


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