‘A romance novel written by a famous wattpad author by the name Neilani Alejandrino, whose pseudonym is Sweetdreamer33.’


This novel is a very typical wattpad romance story and very simple to understand. It is among a very lengthy yet famous family series

So, it is about a girl whose father was- probably still is – a playboy, he left she and the mom when she was five to marry a superstar.

Ever since, she hated his guts and anyone she perceived to be a playboy. She lost faith in these types of men and vowed never to have any relationship with them, but as we all know, destiny just looked down on her and laughed.

She ended going to a party with her cousin slash bestie and her other bestie also her roommates. She lost a bet and the consequence was to flirt with a boy her cousin would decide plus she had to get his number. Turns out the boy agreed on is just the type of men she disliked.

Unfortunately things didn’t turnout the way they planned and she ended up in a room naked and alone with a hundred dollar bill by her handbag. Feeling like a prostitute, she went back to her shared apartment and confided in her friends. They make arrangements and disgrace Mr. Player confront of the press.

Many things happened after this disastrous encounter- read the original story to find out- and the Shewoman here ended up marrying Mr.player and they lived richly ever after, in wattpad ofcourse.

SETTING: New York city, Usa



•Kate Morgan, or in our case the Shewoman. She is the female point of view of the book.

Daniel Monteiro or Dan, or as we call him Mr. Player. He is the male point of view of the book.

•Julie, Kate’s female bestie and roommate.

Jerry, Kate’s cousin plus bestie and roommate.

Felix Morgan, Kate’s father who was a former playboy.

Dixie Morgan, Felix’s famous new wife.

Chloe Petrakis, Daniel’s mother.

Mindy Morgan, Dixie and Felix’s daughter, therefore Kate’s half sister.


Zion petrakis, Daniel’s cousin,has his own story, married to Claire olsen. •Eros and Jade Petrakis, mother of Zion, also have their own story which is quite famous on Wattpad •Kaden, Mindy’s bodyguard who she ends up marrying.

So these are all the characters you should expect.

Number of chapters: the story has forty seven chapters and an epilogue.

Sex scenes: In this book, there are no sex scenes, since she created a separate book for that. Satisfies everyone then.

Dislikes: what I disliked was the fact that all the time, in most of her stories, the female character ended up being in debt to the Male ones. Very common not only in hers, but in numerous wattpad books as well. I think it is time for a little switch.

Don’t you think so??

Likes: I like the fact that her books are simple to read and understand. I guess I am not the only one who agrees with me on that.


The book is very interesting, but the theme is very common on most online writing and reading platforms. I enjoyed getting to know each character, even though they were quite shallow( no offense).

The grammar was good but a few mistakes found it’s way to my sight (not inevitably, most books have mistakes in them, even if it is just one).

So I am giving this book a solid:

[ 6.5.]

My ratings may change with time and rereading.

Suitable Age Groups:

This story is suitable for people who are 15 years and above. This is because there are steamy scenes in them which might not be well accepted by those younger than this age.

In conclusion, it is a great story, check it out:



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