Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. I would read stories all the time as if I was paid to do so. It became a goal and a dream in life and I am willing to do anything for it to be realised. I wanted to go down in history as one of the best writers to have lived and help other writers to also gain recognition. That is what brings us to the creation of this site.

As it is already known, my site is dedicated to online, Wattpad and Dreame’s undiscovered stories. Due to my burning passion for stories, I dedicated one evening to discovering story sites where I could read and share my stories. I stumbled upon one of my favorite apps so far, WATTPAD. It is also through Wattpad that I came to know about Dreame.


So, Wattpad, in my own words, is a large community filled with all types of imagination. If you want romance, dark, cold, bright, Wattpad is your place. In simple terms, it is a fantasy land filled with story trees.😉

It is a reading and writing platform where writers at all stages around the globe can share their stories, read and comment on other peoples stories and help to launh themselves as writers.

It is quite a famous app since over 80 million users world wide and a few number of movies — yeah you read it right – movies have been hitched from Wattpad stories like AFTER, sorry that is the only one I know but there are others. Wattpad offers a variety of opportunities for their writers and readers.

Pros & Cons

One advantage of Wattpad is that you can become a successful wattpadder easily through their discover sections. Wattpad offers writers a variety of opportunities like contests and with the right amount of views you can get the $$$$. It also allows aspiring writers a chance to learn the art through various projects. It allows both readers and writers to communicate and build their fame.

Now to the cons, it is sometimes hard for beginners, like myself ,to get noticed since there are over a thousand stories being posted daily. And if your first language ain’t English, you might find find it hard to make it on Wattpad. This is because most contests, which are great ways to be noticed, allow only English entries.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Sometimes there are more good than bad but overall everything does work out, so will Wattpad.



Dreame is similar to Wattpad in many ways. The only difference is that the majority of users are females and you have to pay to view most of their well written stories which makes it tiring and difficult for people like myself. That is one negative there. Dreame is not as popular as Wattpad either and I understand why.

I feel like I have written enough for today. Here is where I have to say goodbye and good luck to anyone who has been inspired. I have to leave and write more articles. I also have to live the life waiting for me off the screen.

Well that is all for today, I hope you enjoyed my brief introduction.

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