Hello everyone, I am your lovely author and blogger! Fifteen years of age and a book and music enthusiast (literally can’t live without them). I enjoy putting exclamation marks behind every sentence! (Told Ya)

I love waking up early to see the sun rise (I return back to sleep though). I love animals but not all of them, I mostly tolerate some. I spend most of my time singing, trying to dance, playing my violin and watching Nat Geo Wild.

I love watching their documentaries (very interesting). I am very corky and crazy (that is what my friends tell me!) But very likeable and friendly.

Want to be my friend? (See, I told you). Follow me in social media to see what I am up to! You can also contact me on the contact page (Just say Hii).

I have this weird condition where I feel really inspired and unstoppable in the morning then in the afternoon I feel like absolute Shit! (Contact me if you know anything about this or if it happens to you as well.)

Hope you enjoy my carefully researched and well delivered author news, interviews and book reviews! Have a GOOOOD day!

Meet CORKY DEVIL, my personal assistant!


•First of all, I noticed how difficult it is to get your story across on platforms like Wattpad, Radish, Kongfu, Good novel and Dreame. So through this site, I get a chance to help out other struggling writers and support them through our reviews.

•There are lots of problems that young aspiring writers face, putting aside how hard it is to promote your literary work. I want to use my experience and expertise to help guide both old and upcoming writers on how to improve their writing, how to write an interesting plot and improving dialogue in a story through our weekly blog posts that address these types of issues.

•Reading is a very popular and addicting hobby but many people find it difficult to find good stories to read. Through this site, I would help every reader regardless of their preferences- referring to genres- to find good books to read without a struggle.

•I know how irritating it can be to start reading a book and it turns out to be not as good as you expected. This is the reason why I want to take that burden off of you and help improve you reading experience and prevent the occurrence of these time wasting incidents.

•I have always wanted to help people do something resourceful and helpful with their love for reading and writing. Through my organization and blogging tips, I can do just that and even more.



My Skills

Hmm, I would say writing and advicing. I love given advice to people, that is why i started this blog! One thing i was most scared about before starting was the fact that every book blogger i know is old enough to give birth to me and considering how young i am, I feared people will just boot me out of the wayy!


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”

— Virginia Woolf


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